Published: September 11, 2022

You can now use debit cards to buy lottery tickets in vending machines in Washington

Players will still have the option to use cash or reinvest their winning tickets to purchase lottery products. Credit cards cannot be used.

WASHINGTON, USA — Washington's Lottery announced Wednesday that it will begin accepting debit card payments for tickets at all its vending machines. 

Most lottery vending machines across Washington have been activated to accept debit card payments, with some to be upgraded throughout the next few weeks.

According to a statement by the Washington Lottery, this feature will be more convenient for players.

“We recognize that the world continues to evolve into a cashless society and that many players often carry little to no cash with them, so we’re happy to be able to provide players with the ability to purchase our products with debit cards at Washington’s Lottery vending machines," Marcus Glasper, Washington’s Lottery director said in a statement. 

Players will still have the option to use cash or reinvest their winning tickets to purchase lottery products. Debit is the only acceptable cashless payment for Lottery tickets, so credit cards cannot be used.

The new feature simplifies the buying process by giving players the flexibility to add multiple tickets from different games, if they choose, before purchasing.

To purchase lottery products using a debit card at a lottery vending machine, players first need to pick their games and add them to their 'shopping cart,' much like purchasing products on many consumer websites. 

Users will only need to put their billing zip code associated with the debit card to make the purchase and will collect their tickets in the vending machine tray as usual.

There is no minimum amount for debit card purchases. The debit spending limit for lottery purchases is $700 over a seven-day period. All purchases must be made as an all-cash purchase or as an all-debit purchase.

Washington’s Lottery will be paying the debit card transaction fees and will not pass on any fees to players, retailers, Washington state residents or taxpayers.

For more information on the introduction of debit card purchases or to view a list of frequently asked questions, visit the Washington's Lottery' website

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