Published: September 2, 2022

RFI: New Hampshire Lottery Commission for iLottery Vendor


iLottery Vendor

The New Hampshire Lottery (hereinafter referred to as the “Lottery”) is one of the most successful and profitable lotteries in the world. We were the first lottery in the nation, the fourth state in the United States to launch iLottery and have taken a leadership role in the industry. In 2019, the Lottery sued the Department of Justice after they changed their opinion on the Federal Wire Act and put millions in education funding at risk. Ultimately, the courts ruled in favor of the Lottery, preserving the new source of education funding for New Hampshire students. The Lottery has continued to grow our iLottery program by adding more draw-based games, more e-Instant games with a wider variety of playstyles, and updates to the iLottery platform to enhance the player experience. New Hampshire is proud to note it was number two per capita iLottery sales in fiscal year 2022.
The Lottery is issuing this Request for Information (RFI) inviting Vendors to submit their capabilities, vision and interests in the implementation of a full-service iLottery gaming system and ancillary services. These submissions will be referred to in this document as Vendor Information Packages.
The material provided as the result of this RFI will not constitute any type of bidding process by the Lottery but may be used for informational purposes only in the development of a Competitive Bid, which may or may not be conducted in the future. No contract will be awarded from this RFI.
This RFI is not intended to conflict with or usurp any existing or future contractual relationships between the Lottery and any vendor for any other form of gaming.
The purpose of this RFI is to solicit an overview of iLottery vendor capabilities and perspective on iLottery trends, planned enhancements, and best practices for the years ahead.
As a leader in iLottery, the New Hampshire Lottery seeks an iLottery partner who will:
• Partner with the Lottery to bring innovation to responsibly grow revenue to fund education in New Hampshire;
• Implement an agile, flexible iLottery system that easily implements new games, promotions, bonuses and features whether from the system vendor or third-party companies;
• Provide a system that puts user-experience and security at the forefront of design;
• Offer strategic support to grow net revenue for iLottery and brick and mortar retail locations; and
• Offer efficient strategies that maximize Lottery Return on Investment (ROI).
The mission of the New Hampshire Lottery Commission is to maximize revenues for aid to public education by providing secure and entertaining gaming products to its players. The commission’s dedicated staff recognizes that New Hampshire was the first state to offer a lottery in modern times and To understand new opportunities in iLottery games, from multi state draw, e-Instant or raffles, to other yet to be presented options that provide players unique opportunities and levels of engagement.
• To understand payment options that put the player front of mind, offering options to players that are convenient, expeditious and secure, and provide them ease of use.
• Explore trends and best practices in Responsible Gaming to safeguard players and consumers.


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