Published: March 22, 2022

WLA suspends Russian and Belarusian membership


On March 2, the United Nation’s General Assembly overwhelmingly denounced the actions of these governments as an aggression, violation, and abuse of human rights, calling for the immediate withdrawal of military forces from Ukraine’s internationally recognized borders.

Our by-laws clearly establish that a WLA member must, to obtain and retain its membership, not only respect these three principles but also contribute to the respect of fundamental human rights.

WLA members counted one Russian lottery JSC Technology Company "Center" as well as a Belarusian lottery CJSC Sport Pari.

During its March 11th meeting, in compliance with its by-laws, the WLA Executive Committee suspended the membership of JSC Technology Company "Center" as well as CJSC Sport Pari with a recommendation for their expulsion to be submitted at the next WLA General Meeting in October.

Consequently, as of March 17, JSC Technology Company "Center" and CJSC Sport Pari have lost all the rights and privileges associated with WLA membership; notably they no longer appear on the membership list, have no representation nor voting rights and no longer have access to any and all WLA activities and events including the member only section of WLA’s online presence. They have been appraised of this.

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