Published: May 30, 2024

Resignation of UK Gambling Minister Stuart Andrew leaves industry with further election uncertainty

The limbo that the gambling industry was left amidst Rishi Sunak’s surprise decision to call a summer election was elevated upon the announcement that gambling minister Stuart Andrew would be resigning following the dissolution of Parliament. His resignation is as a result of changes to the constituency he represents. 

It remains unclear what the election means for the UKGC’s new framework and financial vulnerability checks, which are set to be implemented in four stages: August 2024, November 2024, January 2025 and February 2025.

Nonetheless, the election and the significant disruption to government that oversees the gambling industry is likely a setback for the land-based sector, which just had laws approved for the expansion of gaming machines at specific gambling venues across the UK. 

The resignation of Andrew underlines that following an election, Parliamentary governance of the sector is set to undergo a significant change. 

At the time of the election being called, Stephanie Peacock MP, was the Shadow Minister for Sport, Gambling and Media, having been appointed last year. However, a cabinet reshuffle would be likely whoever wins the election. 

At a time when the sector was finally finding clarity in terms of framework and affordability, given there have been members of the opposition who have been vocal in their anti-gambling sentiment, industry stakeholders would be forgiven for being anxious as we head into the election next month.

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