Published: April 1, 2020

Apple extends iOS gambling app conversion deadline to June 30

Tech giant Apple has given gambling operators more time to bring their apps into compliance, while Apple finds itself under fire for steering problem gamblers to online casinos.

Last week, Apple issued a notice to gambling operators that it was granting a three-month extension to the deadline for ensuring that their apps were fully native to the iOS operating system. Apple announced last June that it would ban gambling ‘container’ apps from its App Store that featured HTML5 games ‘wrapped’ in an iOS shell.

Apple’s original deadline for making these changes was early September, which presented developers with an almost impossible timeline for completing the transition from HTML5 to iOS native. Accordingly, Apple extended the deadline to March and has now further extended that timeline to June 30.

Given that this will have given developers nearly 13 months in which to make the necessary changes, it seems unlikely that Apple will offer a further extension come July. Then again, with society currently anticipating a full-on zombie apocalypse if the rates of COVID-19 transmission don’t slow, nothing seems out of the question these days.

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