Published: April 26, 2024

The British Columbia Lottery Corporation will replace its retail sports betting offering with a new digital system next month.

BCLC’s retail sports betting brand, Sports Action, will shut down on May 26, ending the use of paper betting slips in the Canadian province as the lottery rolls out a new digital system.

The new system will allow players to make bet selections from anywhere using a mobile app, which can then be used in-store to place bets using a QR code scanner on new self -service betting terminals.

Players will also be able to use the new terminals to place bets at sports bars, pubs and restaurants across the province, and to scan bet slip QR codes generated and printed on desktop PCs.

“While BCLC has made the decision to decommission Sports Action, we are excited to bring our players a brand-new, digital sportsbook in retail later this summer,” said the BCLC. “The new offering will still be anonymous and will be completely digital - no more paper and pencil betting slips.”

BCLC’s lottery products will also be temporarily unavailable between May 25 and 26 in retail and online, as the lottery transitions to the new system. The new retail lottery terminals will feature enhanced displays, new ticket checkers and selection slips, tap payment, and a shopping cart to allow for the purchase of multiple products.

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