Published: May 25, 2023

OPAP: The Fast Forward strategy is paying off

According to Jan Karas, the Organization aims to upgrade the customer experience. It promotes targeted commercial actions. New records of active users for OPAP Store App.

After an impressive fourth quarter of 2022, OPAP OPAP -0.80% has had a strong start to the fiscal year, showing strong organic growth in the first quarter of 2023, as the company's management noted in its financial results presentation to analysts .

In particular, for the first quarter of 2023, net income before contributions amounted to 527.4 million euros (+15.4% on an annual basis). Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization ( EBITDA ) amounted to 196.5 million euros (+16.4% year-on-year), while quarterly net profits reached 118 million euros (+33.6% year-on-year).

As CEO Jan Karas pointed out , OPAP OPAP -0.80% maintained its growth momentum, both in the retail and online channels, focusing on upgrading the customer experience and successfully implementing targeted commercial actions. At the same time, significant progress has been achieved in all pillars of the Fast Forward business strategy . In that context, Mr. Karas said the company is on track with its 2023 performance estimates. 

Significant upgrade of OPAP 's retail experience and agencies OPAP -0.80%

According to Mr. Karas, OPAP OPAP -0.80% continues its initiatives to upgrade the retail experience, aiming to establish its stores as affordable entertainment destinations , with a strong element of socialization. In this context, customers can participate in a series of actions and events within the stores, while simultaneously playing the games of OPAP OPAP -0.80% .

The OPAP Store App continues to pay off, setting new records of active users. Its ever-increasing appeal and use enhances customer interaction and creates new opportunities. This fact highlights the impact of initiatives to digitize the customer experience in the company's stores.

In addition, Pame Bet 's enhanced returns to the agencies have led to a significant increase in the customer base, which has reached record levels for the past few years. Also, the CEO of OPAP OPAP -0.80% referred to the availability of the People's Lottery in printed form. This innovation significantly renews the game, offering customers possibilities and personalization features.

According to Mr. Karas, significant progress has been achieved in relation to the strategic priorities for the online market . Specifically, the CEO of OPAP OPAP -0.80% focused on's renewed sports betting platform and, the company's new iLottery platform, which was recently presented.

As highlighted,'s renewed sports betting platform offers a competitive and attractive proposition, with the aim of enhancing customer interaction and gaming activity. The full potential of the new platform is expected to emerge with the start of the new sports season.

In addition, offers customers the opportunity to play OPAP OPAP -0.80% online number games . The company's ambition is to establish as an online entertainment hub.

According to the company's management, the first signs from the operation of are encouraging.

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