Published: December 6, 2022

Jackpocket Releases Q3 Report: Digital Lottery Courier Orders Up Nationwide

Lottery courier app makes 3 new millionaires in Q3, tops $35M in overall prizes won by users

NEW YORKDec. 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Jackpocket, the leading third-party app in the U.S. to provide a secure way to order official state lottery tickets, today released its Q3 2022 report on lottery participation through its digital lottery courier app. With Jackpocket now in 14 states, digital lottery courier orders have increased in all states where the app is available since Q2 2022, with major quarterly growth in newer states like New Mexico (over 185% increase) and Montana (over 955% increase).

"With each new quarter, we continue to see remarkable growth and more opportunity in the digital lottery courier space," said Jackpocket Founder and CEO Peter Sullivan. "Most exciting is that the total winnings for our users jumped quarter over quarter from $25 million to $35 million. With an increase in both users and winners, we're proud to offer a convenient, easy way for lottery lovers to participate in their favorite games while also appealing to a new generation."

Jackpocket's data is pulled from the lottery habits of its millions of users over the course of Q3 2022. Here, Jackpocket has provided the most interesting trends from Q3 2022.

Numbers and Game Trends
  • The number of Jackpocket orders grew in all states from Q2 to Q3.
  • Total winnings for Jackpocket users in all states grew 41% from Q2 to Q3.
  • Jackpocket users across the U.S. favored the standard numbers 7, 11, and 9 when picking Mega Millions and Powerball numbers in Q3 2022.
  • For the bonus Mega Ball and Powerball numbers, users continued to favor 13, 7, and 8 for Mega Millions and Powerball this quarter, mirroring Q2 2022.
  • 24 was the most frequent number drawn in Mega Millions and Powerball in Q2 2022.
  • Specific data findings:
  • Top 10 standard numbers drawn in Mega Millions & Powerball in Q2
    • 24, 36 – each drawn 10x
    • 64 – drawn 9x
    • 57, 14, 69, 10, 37, 65, 38 – each drawn 7x
  • Top 4 bonus numbers drawn in Mega Millions & Powerball in Q2
    • 12 – drawn 6x
    • 7,14, 9, 20, 22, 25 – each drawn 4x
  • How users chose their numbers
    • 41% used Quick Pick
    • 59% used Pick Your Own
  • How users who won prizes chose their numbers
    • 29% used Quick Pick
    • 71% used Pick Your Own
Luckiest Identifiers: Who's Getting Lucky?
  • Top 3 luckiest astrology signs for Jackpocket users who won lottery prizes
    • Libra (total of $6,187,551 with 50,816 winners)
    • Gemini (total of $5,884,900 with 49,750 winners)
    • Virgo (total of $3,696,338 with 53,324 winners)
  • Top 5 luckiest zip codes
  1. 10055 – Westchester County, NY (winning $3,003,941)
  2. 11364 – Queens County, NY (winning $2,017,342)
  3. 80524 – Ft. Collins, CO (winning $1,366,999)
  4. 10002 – Manhattan, NY (winning $1,034,297)
  5. 07728 – Freehold, NJ  (winning $1,018,327)
Luckiest games in each state for Jackpocket users (consistent from Q2 2022)
  • AR: Natural State Jackpot
  • CO: Lucky for Life
  • DC: Lucky for Life
  • ID: Lucky for Life
  • MN: North 5
  • MT: Montana Cash
  • NH: Lucky for Life
  • NJ: Cash4Life
  • NM: Roadrunner Cash
  • NY: Cash4Life
  • OH: Lucky for Life
  • OR: Oregon's Game Megabucks
  • TX: Lotto Texas

Gender Demographics

Women using Jackpocket have increased slightly since last quarter.

  • Q2 2022: 41.4% of total
  • Q3 2022: 42.3% of total

Men using Jackpocket have decreased slightly since last quarter.

  • Q2 2022: 58.6% of total
  • Q3 2022: 57.7% of total
State-Specific Trends
  • Amount spent on ticket orders each month
    • Highest: New York
    • Lowest: Idaho
  • Top three winning lottery tickets by state
    • New York $3M
    • Colorado $1.3M
    • New Jersey $1M
  • Ohio is currently seeing the greatest YoY growth in ticket orders at 133%
  • Montana is currently seeing the greatest QoQ growth in ticket orders at 955%
  • The top 3 states by lottery revenue in Q3 have remained consistent since Q2:
    • New York
    • Texas
    • New Jersey

As the top-ranked lottery app in the U.S. (according to data from AppFollow), Jackpocket sees the findings of the 14 states in which it operates as representative of the entire country. Jackpocket is currently available in ArkansasColoradoIdahoMinnesota, Montana, New HampshireNew JerseyNew MexicoNew YorkOhioOregonTexasWashington, D.C., and West Virginia.

For more information on digital lottery courier use in the U.S. visit:

About Jackpocket

Jackpocket is on a mission to create a more convenient, fun and responsible way to order lottery tickets. The first licensed third-party lottery courier app in the United States, Jackpocket provides an easy, secure way to order official state lottery tickets. Jackpocket is currently available in ArkansasColoradoIdahoMinnesota, Montana, New HampshireNew JerseyNew MexicoNew YorkOhioOregonTexasWashington, D.C. and West Virginia, and is expanding to many new markets. Download the app on iOS or Android and follow along on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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