Published: November 17, 2023

Veikkaus continues to prepare for the upcoming change in the Finnish gambling system. Finland will adopt a partial multi-license system as of 1 January 2026 that will include personnel structure changes as part of the growth strategy

Veikkaus continues to prepare for the upcoming change in the Finnish gambling system. It has been recorded in the Government Program that Finland will adopt a partial multi-license system as of 1 January 2026.

Veikkaus' preparation towards the change in the gambling system continues. It is recorded in the government program that Finland will move to a partial multi-permit system from January 1, 2026.​

- The upcoming system change is a great opportunity for Veikkaus, but at the same time it means a lot of changes for us Veikkaus people. Our personnel structure will be renewed and in the future we will focus on our core business and strengthen our expertise there, Veikkaus' HR director Heli Lallukka says.

The change negotiations concerning 825 employees started by the company at the beginning of September have been completed. There will be changes to Veikkaus' organizational structure, which will strengthen the company's strategic goals of being both the Finnish market leader and an internationally competitive and growing gambling company in the future. ​

- In the coming years, we will invest significantly in strengthening our competitiveness. We have very professional know-how in Veikkaus, but in the near future we will also need it from outside the house. For example, on the tech side, we have now and in the future uniquely great career paths and many opportunities, Lallukka describes.

As part of the change, Veikkaus' business has been divided into three parts. In the future, director Nora Vähävirta will be responsible for the domestic business, which consists of games of chance, machines and the company's own slots. Director Jarkko Nordlund's responsibility in domestic business is online casino and betting. The third section comprises the international business, which is headed by Jonas Reuter .

As a result of the change negotiations, the jobs of approximately 185-215 employees at Veikkaus will end, and the terms of employment of approximately 110-150 employees will change substantially.

The start of the change negotiations was reported about two months ago in September. At that time, it was estimated that there would be a maximum of 240 terminations and 195 changes to the terms of employment.

- After the constructive discussions held together with the personnel representatives, the final figures are lower than the original estimate, Lallukka states.

More precise numbers of ending employment relationships and essential changes in terms of employment relationships will be known by the end of the year. It is affected by decisions about accepting new job duties and titles offered to employees, as well as possible internal transfers in the company.

As a result of the change negotiations, Casino Tampere's last opening day is December 9, 2023. In addition, 19 arcades will be closed  by 22 December 2023 . Geographically, the decision means that arcade operations will end in the following locations .

Playhouse Joensuu Siltakatu  

Veikkaus Turku Aurakatu

Playhouse Helsinki Redi

Playhouse Lappeenranta IsoKristiina  

Veikkaus Kuopio Kästyökatu

Playhouse Espoo Ainoa

Pelaamo Seinäjoki Ideapark

Playhouse Pori Puuvilla  

Pelamao Oulu Kauppurienkatu

Playhouse Lahti Trio  

Playhouse Lempäälä Ideapark

Game room at Tornio Raja

Playhouse Imatra Mansikkala

Playhouse Helsinki Kaisaniemi

Playhouse Hämeenlinna Goodman

Playhouse Mikkeli Akseli

Playhouse Turku Skanssi

Playhouse Lappeenranta Leiri

Veikkaus Helsinki Tripla

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Veikkaus' change negotiations concluded - the personnel structure changes as part of the growth strategy

Veikkaus omställningsförhandlinger har küttäts – personnelstrukturen ässler som en del av growthsstrategin
Veikkaus' change negotiations finalized – personnel structure to change as part of growth strategy


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