Published: May 30, 2022

Metaverse Crypto Casinos – Atari Floats A Virtual Casino

Atari has earned enough reputation in the gaming industry to need an introduction no longer. Of course, there is a chance you have encountered an Atari product, especially if you play video games or recently explored blossoming cryptocurrencies. But the Japanese Video Game Company recently ventured into virtual casinos, and they are making remarkable strides in their bid to dominate the industry.

After launching its crypto gambling site in April 2021, the gaming giant’s partnership with Decentraland is veering into more progressive gaming. Atari currently has a 20-parcel casino estate in Vegas City on Decentraland, and they have opened the world to a new dispensation of the metaverse- virtual casino.

Launching this virtual casino places Atari as the pioneer of decentralized virtual gambling. Aside from being a virtual casino, Atari’s Vegas City casino only accepts cryptocurrencies. Let’s look at how Atari is charting the course for the future of gambling.

A Look at Atari’s History

Atari started to redefine video gaming when it made its debut in 1972. The gaming company set up shop in Sunnyvale, California, from where they blessed the world with prominent arcade gaming options. One of Atari’s most unique products, the Atari 2600, was the hallmark of gaming between the late 1970s and the 1980s. Even today, the gaming industry draws its structures from Atari’s innovations.

No one is likely to forget the rise of Atari sales when they released the home version of the Japanese video game Space Invader. Atari’s founders, Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney, with the immediate past CEO Frédéric Chesnais, opened the world to accessible gaming options. Their cartridge-based system provided gamers with multiple gaming options, and they are at it again, setting us up for more convenient gaming.

Like most of its innovative ventures, the Atari virtual crypto casino is a trailblazer for the gambling industry. The metaverse is a new feature of our society that offers endless possibilities. Atari’s decision to launch this decentralized gambling option is one of those potentials punters expect from their service providers. Like other bitcoin gambling sites, we are certain that this virtual casino would offer safe gambling with few restrictions than regular casinos and the possibility of anonymous gambling.

Defining Crypto Casinos

Cryptocurrency casinos are the growing fad of online gambling. According to, they are gambling sites that allow their customers to pay with cryptocurrencies. The payment method is the major distinction of crypto casinos, and it is becoming a common trend in most online casinos. Most gambling sites now allow cryptocurrencies as part of their payment methods, but some casinos only accept crypto payments.

The gambling world had its first experience with a crypto-based casino in 2013. Cloudbet Casino set the ball rolling for strictly crypto payments in casinos, and we have seen several other gambling sites spring up to maintain the growing trend. This crypto evolution has become a necessary build-up for the metaverse casinos. It is a safe and decentralized interface where punters from several aspects of the world can have real-time gambling interactions without geographical restraint.

Atari Token and NFTs

Atari offers a complete gaming experience with its cryptocurrency and NFT platform. Atari’s 2021 collaboration with Decentraland has shown us these new cryptos and NFT platforms at work, and we only expect them to be available in the Atari metaverse casinos.

The Atari cryptocurrency is an Ethereum protocol (ERC20) token. It works on the Decentralized Ledger Technology designed to serve payment purposes in the interactive entertainment industry. The Atari token allows providers and their customers to explore in-game assets, transact products, and even facilitate smart contracts the same way they have used other cryptocurrencies. Atari seems to be working on using this token beyond the gaming industry and turning it into an actual payment option in the decentralized market.

The token is growing into a worthwhile investment option as every gaming usefulness increases the value of this token. The token launched in October 2020 and has withstood the several market fluctuations that followed the pandemic. It is not yet the highest-grossing coin in the Defi economy, but it holds promise as one of the most stable options,

While the token is making considerable progress, Atari NFT loot boxes have become an international sensation.

Atari made a series of unbelievable sales in January 2022 to mark its 50th anniversary, and the sales made Atari the focus of the growing NFT economy. While these non-fungible tokens are still a growing sector in the decentralized economy, Atari’s decision to explore it only feeds the notion that the gaming giant has pitched its tent in the decentralized community. As a result, we expect the Atari metaverse casino to be the perfect place to trade with Atari tokens and exchange Atari-themed NFTs.

Atari Game Library

There is no doubt that Atari is creating thrilling gaming options for its customers in the metaverse casino. Atari’s partnership with Decentraland and their Decentral Games division opens us to the rich possibilities of their union. We are certain that the metaverse casino would include Atari’s rich arcade options, but we are looking forward to more collaborations with other gaming providers.

Partnering with prominent names in the gambling community would ensure that Atari offers the best gaming features to entice its customers. Featuring slots games from popular gaming software developers like Play’ n’ Go, Betsoft, Pragmatic Gaming, and Microgaming would give the customers more options than they would get anywhere else. We are sure that the Atari verse casino would also include the best table games. You can expect exciting poker games, roulette, blackjack, and even baccarat and craps.

Describing the Metaverse’s Virtual Real Estate

Atari’s metaverse casino may be the first of its kind in the gambling community, but the metaverse has become the terrain for the future. Most companies explore the possibilities and secure their futures by purchasing parcels of an estate in the metaverse.

The virtual space is growing to be the best place for business and entertainment as there is no geographical limitation or some of the other natural constraints. So it is not surprising that Atari is building up to celebrate its 50th anniversary in virtual space. Honestly, that is where most of the fun happens now. The gaming giant already has its 20-parcel estate in Vegas City, the site for the much-anticipated Atari Virtual Casino. But there is much more for Atari in the virtual space. We are keeping our fingers crossed for the world’s first Atari-themed hotel. And yes, it would be in the metaverse.

The Balance: Risk vs. Reward

There is no doubt that the metaverse is full of potential – risk and rewards, especially in an industry like the gambling community that thrives on the players’ ability to interact with the game and sometimes with other players. In addition, the metaverse creates a unique opportunity for Atari and other gambling sites to give their customers a feel of regular on-site casinos. This would defeat the challenge of border limitations on punters living in countries or states with heavy gambling restrictions. Atari’s decision to set up this metaverse casino has made them pioneers of free gambling.

But we would not deny the possible challenges that may come with this brave new world. Atari is exploring a largely unregulated aspect of society, which automatically makes them scapegoat for any restriction that legislative experiment would bring. It would not be the first time the government has clamped down on such innovation because of its threat to society. Possible threats like exposing vulnerable groups to the challenge of addictive gambling might attract some international sanctions on Atari. But who knows, it might all work out a fair advantage for Atari.


Atari’s virtual casino is a giant stride setting the gambling community up for a time of seamless bitcoin casino gaming. This metaverse casino would increase the value of the decentralized economy as the worth of cryptocurrencies and NFTs would go through the roof since they are the only tender for exchange in the metaverse. Of course, there are some legal implications that we hope Atari is addressing, but in the end, we look forward to this new gaming possibility.

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