Published: July 19, 2018

Casinos bid on online gambling; no bids for sports gambling

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) - Nine owners of Pennsylvania casinos are seeking licenses for online gambling.

"We're a jurisdiction that has been successful at its gambling initiative and we think i-gaming will take its place as one of our successful initiatives," said Kevin O'Toole, executive director of the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board.

The state's casino owners submitted a $10 million bid to get a license at a discount. Owners of the remaining four casino licenses have another 30 days to apply, but they'll have to pay $12 million.

No one has bid for a sports license. Casino owners would have to pay $10 million for the license, and then be taxed at 36 percent. 

"We're excited about sports betting. We think that the citizens of Pennsylvania, who enjoy wagering, will participate in that activity," O'Toole said.

There is no deadline for the application for sports betting.

The gaming control board will review the online gaming applications and approve them by the end of September. The anticipate people gambling on their phones, computers and tablets towards the end of the year.

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