Published: November 6, 2023

Surreal Lottery Ad Shows the Ongoing Surprise of One Man's Win

Winning the lottery draw is a dream for all who play it each week. However, one lucky man finds himself constantly surprised by the recurring prize in a surreal campaign promoting France’s new game, Eurodreams.

The 40-second film from Française des Jeux (FDJ), the operator of France’s national lottery games, features various events in a man’s life, from a big presentation at work, a visit to the dentist and even during a wedding, when, out of nowhere, ticker tape magically falls down upon him.   “Normally, to represent winnings in this type of ad, creatives show the before and after and how drastic the changes happen to be in the life of the winning person. Here, it felt interesting to show a monthly income in the life of a regular man who keeps working, going to the dentist, and getting his picture taken … This is exactly the specificity of Eurodreams, the prize spreads over a duration of 30 years, and spice up your life every month.”

The colorful rain of paper that haunts him signifies the man being the recipient of 20,000 euros per month for a span of 30 years, having won while playing the new game.

This is the first new lottery game released in the country for 20 years.

Created by BETC Paris, which included the creation of a new brand identity for Eurodreams alongside the launch of the offbeat campaign, it launched Oct. 29 through 15-second and 30-second formats.

A social media campaign has also begun to support the ad over its planned two-month run across both France and Luxembourg.

“It is a big event in this sector, for FDJ and the other eight partner national lotteries. Eurodreams, the new game, has to find its place next to long-standing brands that have been there for many years and especially the most known product of them all: the Loto,” Olivier Aumard, executive creative director at BETC Paris, told Adweek.

“The challenge for this kind of launch is to come up out of the gate with a clear unique and distinctive brand territory. People need to understand immediately what makes this game different from others and what the prizes are. Also, we had to bring some relatability and humor, two values deeply close to the client,” he continued.

Aumard explained that the focus of the core creative idea was to highlight the recurrence of the main Eurodreams prize.

“It felt obvious to us that to launch this brand, we had to use this uniqueness, the fact that you get a monthly income. We tried to sum up this positioning with a single line: ‘With Eurodreams, it rains every month,’” he continued. “But it is impossible to know with perfect accuracy what time the wire transfer will be done. So, we played on imagining a winner receiving its monthly income, which we symbolized by making confetti rain, in the same colors of the Eurodreams logo. It helped us translate the idea of a monthly income in a strong and catchy image.”


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