Published: December 22, 2019

Four US States Will Run Online Casino Ads With Google Approval

The four lucky states that will now be able to run online casino ads through Google are Delaware, Nevada, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

The search engine has a new policy that allows only states that currently sanction intrastate online gambling. Nevada is a unique case that only permits sports betting and poker online.

In Q1 of 2020, casino operators can use Google Ads, Google Display Network, YouTube and AdMob. Certification is required for promos right now.

Google has clearly responded to the growing trend of legal wagering since the 2018 Supreme Court ruling. In fact, it has been incorporating a “US Sports Betting” beta in eight states.

Now online casinos and betting operators have the ability to promote their products, just like the venues around the globe. Google wants in. the promotional playing field is well populated and has one more major entrant.


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