Published: August 11, 2019

By LeeStuart How Digital Transformed Advertising

Madison Avenue in New York City – once the glittering epicenter of the advertising universe - were Mad Men account executives drinking highballs during meetings – has dimmed its lights in recent years as the business of advertising transitions into the digital realm, leaving the old agency mystique behind. Last year, Martin Sorrell, CEO and founder of W.P.P., the world’s largest advertising and marketing holding company, resigned. This event signaled the tectonic shift from the old ways to the new. Traditional ad agencies were designed to succeed in a mass media world, with few outlets, a manageable number of big brands, and unified distribution channels. In today’s digital landscape, however, the game has changed to consumer search, peer reviews, and social platforms. There is infinite shelf space, shopping is available 24-7-365, and direct-to-consumer models are unbundling once-powerful brands.


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