Published: May 14, 2023

Canadian gambler files suit over $220K jackpot

Just as Nevada’s gaming regulators sent U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland a letter urging a crackdown on illegal offshore internet gambling casinos, a retired Canadian attorney filed a lawsuit against an offshore site.

Victor Janicki of Kelowna, British Columbia, said in his lawsuit filed in British Columbia Supreme Court that he was cheated out of a $220,550 jackpot off a blackjack side bet he wagered while playing the live BJ Classic Game at, an offshore internet casino based in Costa Rica and registered in Antigua.

Gaming and legal experts I’ve spoken to say they’re unaware of any person who has successfully sued and collected from an offshore online casino, although there have been some instances in which a casino company settled with the plaintiff for a smaller amount.

According to the lawsuit and interviews, Janicki was betting about $40 a hand playing blackjack on Feb. 23 and spending $1 on the side bet in which he could win a huge jackpot if he was dealt three 7s of diamonds from a six-deck shoe in one hand for a 21.

At about 1 p.m., he said he was dealt two 7s of diamonds and was told by casino personnel that he was eligible for the big jackpot.

That’s where the story gets a little fuzzy.

Janicki said suddenly the screen went black for about 10 seconds and he couldn’t see what was happening at the casino blackjack table. He told me that was the first time the screen went black.

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