Published: February 1, 2023

Twitch gambling streams continue to thrive despite new restrictions

Former Twitch star has criticized the Amazon-owned streaming platform for still allowing a wide range of gambling content to appear on the site. 

In October 2022, Twitch announced its plans to start enforcing a gambling ban on its platform. It followed after some of Twitch’s biggest creators criticized the site for allowing others to gamble thousands of dollars, as impressionable audiences watched along, without repercussions. 

Sites such as and were specifically mentioned among those which were banned at the tail end of last year. The latter was sponsoring Trainwrecks to gamble on streams. As a result, he would then go on to announce he would move to, a rival streaming platform that happens to be owned by Stake. 

Trainwrecks has said in the past that despite the specific gambling restrictions now in effect on Twitch, it still won’t stamp out the section altogether. Instead, he argued it would only stop bigger creators from streaming it, and it now appears he was right. 

During a recent broadcast, Trainwrecks showed his viewers multiple streams which were still up on Twitch openly playing slots. The two categories the gambling streams are under, Slots and Virtual Casino, had roughly 20,000 concurrent viewers at the time.

He then went on to say how ironic it is that he was allegedly targeted despite being “the only one” who was gambling in a transparent way. He claimed, “I was giving cautions, giving the reality of losing 99% of the time and winning 1% of the time.”

As of now, both categories of Slots and Virtual Casino are still up, and likely will be for quite some time as Twitch is yet to completely outlaw the genre of streaming from its platform. While set restrictions are in place, it appears that gambling on Twitch is still exceedingly popular on a daily basis.

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