Published: October 23, 2022

$1.8 trillion lost to illegal lottery in 2022 – World Lottery Association reveals

Illegal lottery activities caused loss of revenue of a total of 1.8 trillion dollars globally in 2022 alone, the World Lottery Association (WLA) has revealed.
 The alarming report has compelled the international body to adopt strict standards in order to focuse more on responsible gaming and good causes in the coming years.
 At this year’s World Lottery Summit held at Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, the association charged member countries to do more on responsible gaming and good causes.
 The WLA has, therefore, asked member countries to promote these values and further tasked lottery bodies in the world to take a firm stance on responsible gaming.
 Ghana’s National Lottery Authority (NLA) itself has been battling with illegal lottery activities for some time now and determined to increase its clamp down with new measures put in place by the current Director-General.
 The NLA over a year ago, launched its charity arm the ‘Good Causes Foundation’, which aims among others, to develop, implement and maintain an integrated action plan.
 This is based on four main pillars – education, health, youth and sports development as well as culture.
 Ghana at WLA
 Ghana is being represented at WLA Summit by the NLA boss, Sammy Awuku and Dr. George Gyamfi-Osew, the immediate past Director of Operations of the Authority.Lottery
 The World Lottery Authority (WLA) holds its meetings every two years but could not hold the 2020 event after the Buenos Aires, Argentina meeting held in November 2018, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.
 The meetings among other things, take stock of the various member countries’ programs, regional reports, suspension and expulsions from the Association.
 Again, it is also to consider new members who meet the criteria and to promote Responsible Gaming and Good Causes within the various Lottery Bodies..
 This year’s summit held in Vancouver, British Columbia was attended by over 1,000 delegates from the various continents.
 Suspension of Russia and Belarus
 This year, two lottery bodies from Russia and Belarus respectively, were suspended by the organization for their government’s role in the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict which has left many dead.
 According to WLA President, Rebecca Paul said since the two countries failed to prove that revenues generated were not being used to fund the war hence they must face the consequences.
 The body of nations with over 100 lottery bodies approved the proposal by majority decision with only two members voting ‘No’ and one abstention.
 Meanwhile, WLA Members have re-elected the Rebecca Paul execs to serve another four-year term.
 Younnes El Mechrafi, who is currently the General Secretary of the African Lottery Association, has also been elected as an Executive Member of the WLA.
 Paris, capital of France will host the next World Lottery Summit in 2024.

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