Published: June 28, 2020

Maxwell Goldstein, Vice President Sales – Americas, Carmanah Signs

Maxwell Goldstein, Vice President Sales – Americas, Carmanah Signs

At this point in time it is difficult to predict the long-term impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. While the effects can be expected to differ by jurisdiction, it is clear that brick-and-mortar retail sales will continue to be key for the lottery industry. Accordingly, supporting lottery retailers remains critical at this time and will remain so in the future.

There will be opportunities to support retailers during the recovery in many ways, including retail modernization initiatives that enhance the retail experience, improve operational efficiencies, and generate incremental sales. These could include initiatives such as in-lane solutions, retail sensors that provide insight into in-store player behavior, and networked digital signage.

Retail digital signage networks can also be used to support lotteries and retailers during exceptional circumstances, enabling lottery marketers to quickly adjust messaging as communications priorities shift. For example, in recent weeks Carmanah has assisted lotteries in adjusting their digital signage content to provide highly visible public service announcements (PSAs) at lottery retailers. PSA messaging has included social distancing notices, health advisements, and reminders of any lottery games that can be played online.

As our industry moves forward into the recovery period, the role of lotteries in benefit to the greater good will be more important than ever. Carmanah will continue to take care of our outstanding customers and partners, delivering the highest quality retail marketing technology, and ultimately, benefiting lottery beneficiaries and good causes. If there is any way we can assist now or in the future, please reach out.



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