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Published on October 20, 2023

The term of the current board chairman of the Gaming Authority (Ksa), René Jansen, will expire on October 1, 2024. Jansen has chosen not to stand for reappointment because he will reach retirement age at the end of 2023. That is why the vacancy has now been posted for a new chairman of the board of directors, who will be appointed by the Minister for Legal Protection for a period of six years.

René Jansen:

'In recent years I have committed myself to the Ksa's mission of safe play with great energy and pleasure. There are many great challenges for the new chairman. The Ksa has an important role as a supervisor and enforcer in the various gaming markets. This management position is challenging, requires creativity, innovation and decisiveness, but above all has great social value.'

The recruitment of the new chairman is done through the General Administrative Service (ABD). You can respond until November 12, 2023. The intended date of René Jansen's resignation and therefore the start of the new chairman is July 1, 2024.



Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Gaming Authority

Vacancy type
vacancies in the central government
name organisation
Gaming Authority
Salary scale
Publication date
October 20, 2023
Closing date
November 11, 2023
appointment term of 6 years with the option of a one-time extension with the same term

The exercise

Do you want to use your leadership for a fair, safe and responsible gaming market? Do you feel called upon to contribute to future-proof supervision of the gaming market with vision and data-driven insights?

The Gaming Authority (Ksa) is a relatively young regulator (established in 2012), which has undergone major development and growth in the number of employees in recent years. With the opening of the online market on October 1, 2021, new online providers, largely operating internationally, have come under the supervision of the Ksa. An opening of the market that went well in a number of respects, such as achieving the target that 8 out of 10 players gamble with a legal provider.

At the same time, online gambling regularly receives attention. In particular, there are concerns about the large amount of advertising and the fulfillment of the duty of care by gambling providers. Several healthcare professionals, addiction experts, scientists and experts are calling for more to be done to limit and prevent the damage of online gambling. The Ksa has an important role as a supervisor and enforcer and there is still a lot of work to be done to fully do justice to the Ksa's mission of 'Safe Gaming'.

What challenges does the Ksa face in the coming years?

The objective of legalizing and regulating online gambling was to take players away from illegal providers and to ensure fair play in a safe environment. The legal requirements for all providers of more risky games of chance regarding the prevention of gambling addiction have also been significantly expanded in 2021. Timely intervention by providers is one of the most important pillars of a safe gaming market. Recent research by the Ksa indicates that the duty of care has not yet been adequately organized and implemented by providers. They must intervene faster and better with possible problem players. This subject also requires major efforts from the supervisor.

Combating illegal supply, both online and land-based, remains as important as ever in the fight against crime and subversion. This requires continuous alertness and attention to new developments and manifestations and anticipating and responding effectively. This not only looks at the illegal providers themselves, but also at the parties around them, such as affiliate websites, hosting parties and payment service providers.

Further development towards a risk-driven and data-driven supervisory authority is also an important task. For example, an update of the Ksa's strategy is currently being worked on. A data strategy is also being drawn up to bring the various building blocks that already exist under an overarching data strategy and to develop an agenda for the steps to be taken in the coming years.

A great and important challenge, especially with the current labor market, is to remain an attractive and well-functioning organization with work that matters, with a culture of openness and safety and attention to employee development. The Ksa has grown rapidly and a solid organization has been established. The lines at the Ksa are short and the atmosphere is informal. Job satisfaction is important. Further professionalization will be central in the coming years.

The Koa (Remote Gambling) Act will be evaluated in 2024 and the policy evaluation will be in 2025. This will result in new spearheads for the coming years.

What does this require of you?

The task facing the Ksa requires a strong market regulator with experience as chairman at management and/or board level (or similar experience), preferably in a data-driven and knowledge-intensive organization.

We are looking for someone who can listen well and takes different interests into account in decision-making, with the protection of the player central. Who seeks connection with what is going on in society and enters into discussions without losing sight of the independent role as supervisor. Someone with their own opinion, who also gives space to other points of view. And which is at the same time stable and balanced and keeps the back straight, even when pressure is exerted because major interests are at stake.

A person who dares to act independently and decisively, who makes decisions and who can set and promote the course. Someone who works sincerely and consciously in the service of the general interest and the social tasks that the Ksa stands for and demonstrates this in their daily actions.

The Ksa is a supervisory authority with public visibility. This requires a chairman with a strong personality, who acts as a figurehead to the outside world and can represent the authority with conviction, both nationally and internationally. The chairman is expected to act effectively in terms of communication, both within the organization itself and outwardly towards politicians, media, other regulators (national and international), consumers and the business community.

The chairman is the one who leads the organization with calm and wisdom, even in turbulent times, based on a long-term vision and strategic view. A person who is approachable, open and accessible, who involves the right internal expertise in decision-making and creates a safe and inspiring working environment that makes professionals enjoy working at the Ksa.

The chairman is progressive, pays attention to data-oriented working and stimulates innovation, progressive and creative solutions. And who maintains a sustainable relationship with the participation bodies and with the departmental owner and client.

Talent as a basis, diversity as a strength

We are always looking for employees who want to make a difference for the Netherlands. As a national government, we are convinced that we are at our best when we have a diversity of perspectives, backgrounds, orientations and knowledge. Working on social issues in diverse teams is more effective, more innovative – and makes work more fun.

What do we offer?

As a public leader, do you want to work for the common good and make a difference to society? Are you enthusiastic about the challenges associated with this position? Can you get the right people and parties moving? Do you know what is going on and can you act on it respectfully? Are you motivated to commit to this social task and are you able to achieve results? Then we would like to get in touch with you.

Employment conditions

We offer you a salary between €9024.04 and €11821.18 gross per month (scale 19). The Gaming Authority is not part of the government, but the usual employment conditions within the government ( cao government ) apply.

Other information

Members of the Ksa board of directors are appointed by the Minister for Legal Protection for a period of six years with the option of a one-time extension. The composition of the Board of Directors strives for a good balance and sufficient complementarity. A AIVD investigation is part of the selection process. You can choose to use an assessment. 
The vacancy arises due to the expiry of the term of office of the current chairman in summer 2024.

Information about the Gaming Authority

The Ksa is the independent regulator for compliance with a safe and fair gaming offering in the Netherlands. Playing safely is what the Ksa stands for. The Ksa focuses on the various gambling sectors, such as lotteries, gambling machines, sports betting and casino games, both physically and online.

The Ksa has various statutory tasks. In this way, it informs and protects consumers against, among other things, misleading advertising and helps prevent gambling addiction. It combats illegal gambling and the misuse of gambling for criminal activities, including fraud and money laundering. And monitors the detection of suspicious betting patterns (match fixing).

Regulating an appropriate legal offer is also one of the core tasks. Part of this task is to grant or reject license applications, from lotteries to online casinos. As well as monitoring compliance with laws and regulations by permit holders and taking enforcement action in the event of non-compliance with the rules.

Finally, a statutory task of the Ksa is to manage the Central Register for the Exclusion of Gambling (Cruks). Through this register, players can be excluded or excluded from participating in high-risk games of chance at all legal providers in the Netherlands. The Ksa also manages the Addiction Prevention Fund.

In addition to these statutory tasks, the Ksa advises the Minister for Legal Protection on gambling policy. She does this asked and unsolicited. The Ksa works together with other chain partners such as municipalities, police, FIOD and Public Prosecution Service and with other supervisors, both national and international.

The Ksa is an independent administrative body (zbo) with its own legal personality. The Minister for Legal Protection is politically and policy responsible in the field of gambling. As a ZBO, the Ksa has a unique position between governments, providers, consumers and society.

The Board of Directors (Board of Directors) heads the Ksa and is integrally responsible for the daily management of the organization. The council consists of two members. Within the Board of Directors there is collegial decision-making, although if necessary the chairman has the decisive vote.

The Ksa further consists of 7 departments: Supervision, Enforcement, Legal Affairs & Permits, Analysis & Research, Information Technology & Automation, Communication & Strategy and Operations. The department managers, together with the executive Board of Directors, form the MT of the Ksa. The Ksa currently employs approximately 150 professionals who are committed to fulfilling the mission that consumers must be able to play safely. The core values ​​are professional, transparent, proactive and consistent.

Since 2014, the Ksa also has an Advisory Council. This council provides solicited and unsolicited advice.


We would like to receive your response to this vacancy by email. Send your motivation letter and CV as a PDF, stating vacancy number DGABD 436-23, to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

You are not obliged to state your date of birth and gender in your CV and motivation letter. Public sources such as social media can be consulted. A selection assessment may be part of the procedure. References can also be requested.

The interviews with the selection committee are scheduled for December 12.

More information

For more information about this vacancy: 
Bernadette CM van Buchem, member of the board of directors of the Gaming Authority, telephone number: 06-31 03 58 64.

For more information about the application procedure:
Emilie Egberts, MD consultant DGABD, telephone number: 06-50 15 72 04.

Aarnt Lantinga, MD consultant DGABD, telephone number: 06-21 84 11 16.


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