Published: March 4, 2022

A Letter from EL and WLA member lotteries enlisting support for Ukrainian resistance to Russia

 A Letter from EL and WLA member lotteries enlisting support for Ukrainian resistance to Russia: Eesti Loto (Estonia), Latvijas Loto (Latvia), Olifeja (Lithuania), MSL (Ukraine), Totalizator Sportowy (Poland).

Dear President and members of Lottery Industry Associations, On the 24 th of February, Russia started war against Ukraine. 200,000 troops and thousands of tanks, armed carriers, artillery, war ships and aircraft are shooting Ukrainians, killing people: soldiers and civil population, destroying cities by ballistic and cruise missiles.

Most air attacks are coming from the territory of Belarus, which is the ally of Russia. And Ground Forces are attacking from 3 sides. As of today, Belarus army joined Russians as active combatants against Ukrainian Armed Forces. Ukraine did not see such evil, cruel and violent bloodshed since World War 2. The purpose of Russia is to occupy all Ukraine and annex it or create a puppet state.

Now it has become obvious, that Vladimir Putin and his supporters want to reconstruct former Russian Empire in the borders which existed before 1917 and get global dominance.

All the civilized world is supporting Ukraine: from strong sanctions against Putin's regime to deliveries to Ukraine of military technology, ammunition and humanitarian help.

The more people of Russia and Belarus see that the World Community is against regimes of their countries and against the war in Ukraine, the sooner this war will finish. Therefore, we do not want to see state lotteries of the aggressors among us.

We are sure that other members will support our initiative. Please take this exclusion decision by a special procedure with immediate effect.

We ask you to write a formal letter to all leading international technology and other lottery services suppliers to stop immediately any business relations with Russian and Belarussian lotteries.


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