Public Gaming International September/October

22 PUBLIC GAMING INTERNATIONAL • SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2023 The Board of Directors of the Multi-State Lottery Association (MUSL) convened in Des Moines, Iowa this past August to assess the organization’s Strategic Plan and current trajectory following a year of record jackpots and sales – with FY23 product sales facilitated by MUSL totaling $10.7 billion. The health and performance of the national draw games category was top of mind, as the summit coincided with a record $1.602 billion Mega Millions jackpot being won in Florida…not to mention the four other billion-dollar jackpots produced by the Powerball® and Mega Millions® games over the last year. For many Directors, the Des Moines summit was their first opportunity to weigh in on MUSL’s Strategic Plan since the organization began holding planning sessions in 2017, with follow-up sessions held in 2019 and 2021. The summit also gave Directors the chance to tour MUSL’s new headquarters, meet in-person with the central office’s 21 staff members, and visit the world-famous Iowa State Fair. “A lot of the success we’ve experienced this past year with Powerball and Lotto America, and how those products are managed, can be attributed to development initiatives identified in the first MUSL strategic planning session,” said J. Bret Toyne, MUSL Executive Director. “Six years later, it’s time to take stock, and make sure our organization and products are well positioned for the future.” Toyne has been tasked with synchronizing various committees, product groups, working groups and MUSL’s dedicated staff to carry out the Board’s objectives. The MUSL team consists of 21 full-time employees based in Des Moines and 6 part-time draw officials based in Tallahassee. MUSL staff provide the central infrastructure to facilitate multistate games including draw services and reporting, accounting, legal, security, software development, communications and marketing support. Member lotteries contribute to the annual budget of MUSL, but the non-profit has a strategic goal of being self-sustaining, with operating expenses being offset in years of positive net revenue, including this past year. To kick off the strategic planning session, Toyne MUSLNEWS MULTI -STATE LOTTERY ASSOCIATION MUSL Board of Directors at MUSL headquarters in Johnston, Iowa. Sarah M. Taylor (IN), Matt Strawn (IA), Drew Svitko (PA), Lance Gaebe (ND), Helene Keeley (DE) in front of the Agriculture Building at the Iowa State Fair STRATEGIC PLANNING WITH A SLICE OF STATE FAIR