Public Gaming International Magazine May June 2023

37 PUBLIC GAMING INTERNATIONAL • MAY/JUNE 2023 online sports betting in more than half of American states in only ve short years. It’s almost like the Land-of-the-Free is discriminating against Lottery! Sports bettors are even more passionate about legalization of online sports betting. 77% of past year sports bettors think it should be legal everywhere online, with a massive 89% of past week sports bettors supporting it. is links in directly with Leger’s 2023 Gaming Player Value Study (featured in last month’s PGRI magazine (, where convenience is the key driver for future sports betting play. Convenience is also the key driver for Instant/Scratch games, yet only Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Kentucky can sell this much in-demand product. North of the border in Canada, nine out of ten provinces can already sell eInstants or similar products. How is that possible in socialist Canada? Mobile play is the way of the future. And that future is already here. Of those Americans who would like to play Lottery on their iPhone or Android devices, 92% want to legalize iLottery. [Fig 3.] Currently more men (57%) than women (44%) support lottery being able to be sold online, but perhaps the most critical number is among the highest income/ spending age group of 35-54 year olds. An amazing 60% of these quasi-Millennial/Gen Xers support lottery’s rights to sell their products to them online. ere’s a ‘higher’ number of states with legalized marijuana than iLottery. Among America households with children, the consumer who is most hamstrung by their time sensitive lifestyles – the endless demands to run their kids to school, soccer practices, children’s birthday parties, play-dates, et al drive their pursuit of convenience – is 64% direct ‘Yes’ support for online lottery (and 68% for sports betting). [Fig. 4] Insert PPT Slide/ Image_Fig. 4 Only 1 in 8 American families opposes iLottery directly. Now, really, does that sound democratic? Chuck Norris wouldn’t say so, and he is an American man of action. e call to action for ‘would you play online Lottery games such as Powerball, Mega Millions, Pick 3 and eInstants’ is already growing in support. 33% of all Americans would ‘de nitely’ or ‘probably’ play a game. Among past year Lottery players, that gure rises to 41%; and even more prevalent among those