Public Gaming International Magazine May/June 2022

42 PUBLIC GAMING INTERNATIONAL • MAY/JUNE 2022 • Banners Included in the teaser campaign was a countdown banner designed for the mobile app (see figure), which highlighted the number of days remaining until the launch of the EXTRA add-on and reminded players that it was coming. The day of launch featured additional banners on the mobile app and the Lotto Italia website with a dedicated landing page. A SEPARATE PLANTO ENGAGE RETAILERS IGT Italy Store Improvement and Communications oversaw the retailer communications plan and notes that the team followed a carefully paced schedule of B2B outreach. As with the player communications, the materials aimed at retailers clearly articulated the benefits of the new addon game and conveyed the key changes multiple times to support awareness and understanding. The retailer communications plan included: • Focused emails and digital messages sent through the gaming terminals • A digital campaign to engage retailers in training courses, highlighting the new aspects of MillionDAY and EXTRA • Video training on the EXTRA option • A special preview and reminder communication on the day before launch • Launch-day communications • Dedicated web pages with related news, FAQs, and a guide for sellers • Shipment of more than 38,000 pointof-sale kits in waves to retailers across the sales network, with suggestions on how to display the materials. Top sellers received a special new playslip display, and all retailers received promotional posters, stickers, and newly redesigned playslips • An online request form to receive an additional kit with the new point-ofsales materials dedicated to EXTRA MillionDAY Digital Touchpoints 1. Motion-Graphic Leaflet 2. 10e Lotto Monitor 3. Player POS Display 4. My Lotteries App and website Mobile App – Teasing EXTRA BANNER: Countdown of the days left to launch 9th – 10th March Countdown from 11th to 15th of March