Public Gaming International Magazine May/June 2022

41 PUBLIC GAMING INTERNATIONAL • MAY/JUNE2022 AWARENESS CHALLENGES When the EXTRA add-on game launched on MillionDAY in March 2022, one of the key issues for the marketing team was how to make players aware that they could now enjoy a new second-chance option on the daily draw. It is a challenge that operators commonly face. Because draw games and add-ons reside in the terminal and are not as visible at point-of-sale as scratch games, promoting them requires unique strategies. The team in Italy had the additional challenge of a national advertising ban on games of chance, which went into effect during the year after the MillionDAY base game launched. Necessity spurred creativity: The IGT Italy team drew on its operator knowledge and extensive B2C marketing experience to create an informative program aimed at fueling engagement and responsible growth, in full compliance with Italy’s law and regulations on advertising and promotion. The program was also shaped by specific player research they conducted prior to launching the add-on, to inform their launch approach. INNOVATIVE PLAYER COMMUNICATIONS The player communications plan included both physical touchpoints (playslip and point-of-purchase materials) and digital touchpoints, including IGT Italy’s “My Lotteries” mobile app, the Lotto Italia website, and monitors running the 10eLotto fast-play game. • Playslip IGT Italy redesigned the main playslip to highlight the new availability of the EXTRA add-on game and clearly convey the rules and cost (see figure). The playslip also called players’ attention to a new, later daily draw time to accommodate player routines, which was launched along with the add-on. A separate “multi-bets” playslip, which allows players to bet more than one combination, conveys the information in a similar fashion, along with the option to add EXTRA for each chance played. • Tear-OffQuick Picks The IGT Italy marketing team designed and tested special interactive posters for distribution to 4,000 retail locations. The posters feature a series of Quick Pick playslips for the game, which are perforated, allowing players to conveniently remove one from the poster. A QR code is included for the retailer to scan when a player presents the ticket for purchase. • Motion Graphics The team also designed an informational motiongraphic leaflet as well as teaser shows for the point-of-purchase monitors, 10eLotto monitors, the My Lotteries mobile app, and the Lotto Italia website. SELLING PROPOSITION: "A second chance for your numbers" CHECK BOXES highlight the rules and the cost "5 further numbers drawn from 50 remaining" NEWDRAW TIME: every day at 8:30 p.m. RULES for MillionDAY EXTRA NEWDRAWTIME every day at 8:30 p.m. Playslip