Public Gaming International July/August 2023

In total, the Quest series has generated more than $33 million in online wagers (through June 28, 2023). Nearly 183,000 unique players have played more than 18.6 million rounds of the games and a total of more than $738,000 has been paid out in progressive jackpot wins. Paul Le Fondre, Scientific Games Head of Art and Animation for SG Studios, shares the science inside the game, “The magic happened with the right recipe of math, game mechanics and playstyle. While we are continually developing new games, there are games that players keep coming back to because they like the game and are loyal to that game. So, we set out to capture that loyalty over a series of games. We flipped our creative process.” In the Quest series, there is a unique, linked progressive jackpot – meaning wagers made in one game of the series will contribute to a jackpot that continues to grow and is visible in all the games of the series. “Thekey to TreasureChestQuest’s success wasn’t one of those teammembers, it was all of them coming together,” Le Fondre explains. “Our studio atmosphere is open and highly creative. There is a constant feed of ideas happening all around us every day.” The creativity combined with analytics and planning paid off. With a rock-solid foundation, the fifth game in the new Quest series, Cave Quest, is planned for a summer 2023 launch. “The Cash Quest approach takes game refresh and progressive jackpot families to a new level. Each new adventure delivers what our players want most: a fresh, new, chance to win. I am really pleased to see each introduction shows a consistently strong bump to sales,” shares Sparks. “Player enthusiasm is not waning. I look forward to seeing what the Cave Quest brings.” La Fondre credits the company’s relationship with the Pennsylvania iLottery team, which has developed over five plus years planning, launching and managing the iLottery program – the first in the industry to reach $1 billion in sales in less than two years. With digital content studios in the U.S. and Europe (following the August 2021 acquisition of Sideplay, now SG Studios), Scientific Games provides iLottery and digital lottery to 30 lotteries worldwide. “Our stringent compliance and security practices combined with a deep understanding of consumers has firmly established us as a trusted lottery partner and innovator in all things digital, including iLottery,” says La Fondre. The company’s holistic approach to digital lottery portfolio management includes games, game extensions for retail games, second-chance promotions, player loyalty programs, mobile apps, and customer relationship management programs. In 2022, the Pennsylvania Lottery topped $5.1 billion in total sales and is ranked among the top 15 lotteries in the world for performance (La Fleur’s World Almanac, per capita total sales). Scientific Games also provide the Pennsylvania Lottery with instant scratch games, instant game logistics management services, licensed properties, lottery gaming system, CRM, mobile app, monitor games, retailer management system, retail point-of-sale, and virtual sports. THE GAME OF LIFE and HASBRO and all related trademarks and logos are trademarks of Hasbro, Inc. © 2023 Hasbro. © 2023 Scientific Games, LLC. All Rights Reserved. *Last three weeks through June 29, 2023 The Pennsylvania iLottery program has received the distinguished Internet Compliance Assessment Program certification. Scientific Games is among the first companies globally certified by the World Lottery Association as a responsible gaming provider. SEE THE QUEST GAME SERIES: