Public Gaming International July/August 2023

16 PUBLIC GAMING INTERNATIONAL • JULY/AUGUST 2023 The Multi-State Lottery Association (MUSL) is strategizing its next course of action following a year of unprecedented growth in the national games category. The Association just achieved a new fiscal year sales record, with sales of products facilitated by MUSL totaling $10.7 billion through the end of FY2023. For leaders on the MUSL Board of Directors, the sales surge underscores the essential role played by MUSL in optimizing the performance of the national games category. “The national games category adds up to billions of dollars in net revenues,” noted New Mexico Lottery CEO David Barden, who has begun his second year as MUSL Board President. “To maintain that progression, it’s beneficial to have an organization, like MUSL, that has the foresight to spearhead new development opportunities.” Barden has tasked Hoosier Lottery Executive Director Sarah M. Taylor to chair MUSL’s Development Committee. Taylor is well-versed in the evolving national games category, having previously served as MUSL Board President during the implementation of Powerball’s third weekly drawing and the Double Play® add-on feature in 2021, and most recently, as the Board’s liaison to the Mega Millions Consortium. Like Barden, Taylor recognizes MUSL’s unique ability to chart the next progression of multistate games. “MUSL has a robust Committee structure that serves as an incubator for game development initiatives,” said Taylor. “We have the ability to leverage the combined expertise of 38 member lotteries, alongside a dedicated team at MUSL, and a comprehensive infrastructure capable of providing full support, from concept development to market.” Although MUSL is commonly associated with its flagship product, Powerball®, the organization encompasses much more, both in terms of its portfolio and governance structure. The Association and its products have always been owned and operated by MUSL’s member lotteries. The governance encourages member lotteries to actively participate in the decision-making and management of the multi-state games they offer. “All lotteries have a stake in the health of these products,” Taylor added. “We have a shared goal of maximizing the draw game category, so it can continue to be reliable source of funding for our beneficiaries.” In addition to new game opportunities, MUSL leaders also see the potential to expand the organization’s existing products. Alongside Powerball, MUSL facilitates Lotto America®, 2by2®, and the Double Play add-on feature. Game leaders expressed that all three products are primed for expansion into new lottery markets. Lotto America has hit a new cadence since introducing a third weekly drawing in Fiscal Year 2023. The $1 draw game now shares the same draw nights as Powerball – Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. Like Powerball, the 13 lotteries that offer MUSLNEWS MULTI -STATE LOTTERY ASSOCIATION Sarah Taylor David Barden DEVELOPING THE NEXT MULTI-STATE GAME BOOM