Spain’s Near-Total Gambling Ads Ban Could Take Effect by October

Spain’s consumer protection minister, Alberto Garzón, said Wednesday that he would press for his proposed near-total ban on gambling advertising to be imposed by October.

Minister Garzón’s comment came after the European Commission did not voice any objections to Spain’s plans to significantly restrict gambling ads.

It was this past February when the country’s Minister of Consumer Affairs unveiled his plans to clamp down on ads by gambling operators to make good on his campaign promise to protect gambling addicts and young people.

Spain’s online casino and sports betting market has flourished over the past decade and gambling websites have dwarfed the state-owned lottery. Minister Garzón promised earlier this year to reduce ads by online gambling operators by 80% and to put an end to celebrity endorsements, among other things.

It seems now that he could be just several months away from delivering on this promise.