OPAP -Re-Constitution of Board of Directors into a Body

Regulatory announcements

Re-Constitution of Board of Directors into a Body


Announcement of Regulated Information pursuant to L. 3556/2007

Resignation of the Chief Executive Officer and Executive Member of the Company’s BoD and Re-Constitution of the BoD into a Body

OPAP S.A. (the “Company”), pursuant to Law 3556/2007 and Regulation (EU) No 596/2014, announces to investors that the Company’s Board of Directors, during the meeting that was held on 20.05.2020, accepted the resignation of the CEO and Executive Member of the Board of Directors, Mr. Damian Cope, and decided not to elect a new BoD member in replacement.

Following this, the BoD of the Company decided and approved that the Company's Board of Directors is reconstituted into body with effective date as of 01.06.2020 and for the remaining of its term as follows:


  1. Kamil Ziegler, Chairman of the BoD, Executive Member
  2. Spyros Fokas, A' Vice-Chairman, Non-Executive Member
  3. Pavel Saroch, B' Vice-Chairman, Non-Executive Member
  4. Pavel Mucha, Chief Financial Officer, Executive Member
  5. Robert Chvátal, Non-Executive Member
  6. Katarina Kohlmayer, Non-Executive Member
  7. Christos Kopelouzos, Non-Executive Member
  8. Stylianos Kostopoulos, Non-Executive Member
  9. Nikolaos Iatrou, Independent Non-Executive Member
  10. Igor Rusek, Independent Non-Executive Member
  11. Rudolf Jurcik, Independent Non-Executive Member
  12. Dimitrakis Potamitis, Independent Non-Executive Member