California Lottery: The Gift is in the Giving by David&Goliath

Agency: David&Goliath
Date: Nov 2018

California Lottery continues its tradition of encouraging people to give Scratchers as gifts to both friends and acquaintances (18 and older), especially to those people who are often forgotten during the holidays. This could be a neighbor, barista, hairstylist or anyone else that adds to your life on a daily basis. The campaign is grounded in the insight that a gift as small as a Scratchers ticket can have a big impact on someone who may not be expecting anything at all.

The centerpiece of this year’s campaign is a long-form spot, 'Neighborly,' that tells the story of a woman who observes and experiences the lack of personal interactions between residents in her apartment building. She then decides to break the norm by giving all her neighbors gifts of Scratchers — the good old fashioned way, by hand-delivery. But first she cleverly addresses all the envelopes “To:” and “From:” different apartments. The result is an apartment building that goes from strangers living in silos to friends coming together to celebrate their common bond.


Not only do we see it snow in California, hinting at the magic in the air, but the spot is set to an equally magical track appropriately titled, Signals, by up and coming artist, Júníus Meyvant. D&G collaborated with the directorial team The Guard Brothers.

The campaign will be featured across OOH, digital, social, experiential and radio components, encouraging people across California.


Agency: David&Goliath, LA

Founder & Chairman: David Angelo

Chief Creative Officer: Bobby Pearce

Group Creative Director/Copywriter: Greg Buri

Creative Director/Art Director: Tushar Date

Creative Director/Copywriter: Jimbo Embry

Associate Creative Director/Copywriter: Nick Micale

Associate Creative Director/Art Director: Bennett Austin

Associate Head of Strategy: Kristen Knape

Senior Strategist: Chris Kwak

Managing Director of Broadcast Production: Paul Albanese

Executive Producer: Curt O’Brien

Senior Broadcast Producer: Juliet Diamond

Business Affairs Manager: Yenia Paez

Managing Director: Robin Osborne

Account Director: Janet Wang

Account Supervisor: Amy Laughlin

Account Executive: Sarah Cohen

Assistant Account Executive: Alexis Niekamp

Senior Project Manager: Mike Antonellis

Managing Director, Integrated Production & Technology Services: Peter Bassett

Executive Producer: Noah Luger

Director of Print Services: Meredith Walsh

Production Company: Smuggler

Directors: Guard Brothers

Co-Founders: Patrick Milling-Smith and Brian Carmody

Director of Photography (TV): Justin Brown

Director of Photography (Digital Videos): n/a

Executive Producers: Alison Kunzman

Line Producer: Alexandra Lisee

Sales Representative: Brent Novick

Post Production:

Agency: Roger

Executive Creative Director: Terry Lee

Executive Producer: Josh Libitsky

Head of Production: Liz Catullo

Editor: Chris Mena, Nancy Berni

Compositor: Josiah Taylor

Sound Design, Color Grading: Josiah Taylor

VFX Supervisor: Justin Wilcott

Telecine: Sean Coleman

Colorist: Company 3

Online & VFX: Jamm

Lead Flame Artist: Brian Hajek

Producer: Justine Pregler

Executive Producer: Asher Edwards

Mix House: Lime Studios

Sound Mixer/Engineer: Mark Meyuhas