Published: January 5, 2021

La Française des Jeux Launches the “Objectif Maison” Scratch Ticket, Its New Annuity Game

BOULOGNE, France (January 5, 2021) - La Française des Jeux (FDJ) is launching the “Objectif Maison” scratch ticket, which makes it possible to win an unprecedented gain of 250,000 euros immediately or 3,000 euros per month for ten years [1] , for a stake of 3 euros.

This is FDJ's new annuity game after the success of the “12 extra months”, “Vacation for life” tickets or, more recently, “10 years winners”. The principle of a gain in the form of an annuity was introduced in 1999 on the famous “Tac O Tac” scratch ticket, which had existed for sixteen years.

This time, FDJ exploits for the first time the theme of the real estate project, a universe that is both concrete and a vector of dreams, which immerses the player in the “after gain” in a realistic way. The purchase of a primary or secondary residence is, in fact, one of the first projects of the big FDJ winners.

The ticket is available in four versions, each of which represents a house with unique architecture and design. They refer to different atmospheres: the countryside, the city, the beach and the mountain.

“Objectif Maison” offers a one in 3.61 chance of winning a prize, ie the best winning frequency among scratch cards at 3 euros.

This new game is available throughout the Group's network of points of sale but also on the site and on the FDJ mobile application.

The game's rules

If the player finds the winning symbol (s) associated with each playing area, he wins the associated sums. And if the player discovers three "key" symbols under all the playing areas, he wins 250,000 euros immediately or 3,000 euros per month for ten years.

A dedicated original film

An advertising spot accompanies the launch of this new ticket with humor, broadcast from January 4 to 17 on television and on social networks in twenty and fifteen second formats.

This film brings illiko's new communication territory, which relies on the codes of digital culture, in particular gifs and bright colors, to bring modernity to the brand.

Link to watch the video (fifteen second format).

SOURCE: La Française des Jeux (FDJ).

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