France: Advertising and gambling: the ANJ launches a broad public consultation of different stakeholders

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The ANJ reports to Parliament: it presents an annual report on its activity, its president can be heard by the competent committee of each of the two assemblies.

During the UEFA European Football Championship, some abuses had been noted concerning advertising pressure from sports betting operators. These abuses are likely to call the regulatory model implemented for 10 years into question. That is the reason why the ANJ launches today a broad public consultation on gambling operators' practices in terms of advertising.

Gambling operators' advertising practices questioned during the European Football Championship

In France, the online gambling market is strictly regulated because gambling is not like any other product; it carries important risks of abuse (over-indebtedness), or of public health (addiction and isolation) for the player and those around him. That is the reason why gambling needs to stay a recreational and measured activity. Though, the advertising pressure that has been observed during the European Football Championship, the targeting of young audiences, as well as messages that maintain the illusion of easy money are particularly problematic.

According to a Harris Interactive study * conducted during the European Football Championship for the ANJ, more than half of the people who had seen sports betting's ads feels that they are too numerous, and close to eight French people out of ten who had seen these ads consider that they can contain a risk of addiction.

Faced with the same situation, some European States have already taken measures in order to limit the quantity of advertising or to provide a strict framework of its content.

The public consultation process

It is in this context that the ANJ has decided to organize a broad public consultation on the advertising practices of gambling operators (in particular for sports betting). This consultation, which will take place in September and October, has the following objectives:

General public sequences

Sequences with professional stakeholders

The various contributions obtained during this consultation and the synthesis that the ANJ will make of them will enable it to build common diagnoses, then to formalize guidelines relating to gambling advertising and, where required, to propose by the end of the year new measures to public likely to enforce the recreational authorities gambling model. 

For Isabelle Falque-Pierrotin, ANJ Chairwoman : “ In order to question the permanence of a consensus around the French gambling model and the evolutions that could possibly be made in terms of advertising, the ANJ has chosen to favor the path of a consultation open to all publics. Indeed, gambling advertising concerns us all: players, non-players, parents, educators, operators, etc. Everyone will be able to express their views on the acceptable balance to find between gambling advertising and the maintenance of a recreational gambling. It will then be up to the regulator to make balanced and effective recommendations, based on a social pact shared by all ”.

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