K-12 schools hit $190M Louisiana Lottery Jackpot

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The Louisiana Lottery estimates they will end their fiscal year at the end of June, the most profitable in their 30-year history. Lottery spokesperson Kim Chopin said they are projected to transfer over $190 million to the state for K-12 public education.

“Isn’t it amazing, our state went through three hurricanes, we’re in the grip of a worldwide pandemic and the Lottery is doing so well. It’s really a perfect storm in a lot of different ways,” said Chopin.

Chopin said the Lottery was extremely lucky that their retailers; grocery and convenience stores, remained open thorough out 2020. Allowing them to entertain consumers.

“Gave them a little fun, a little something they could enjoy at home. Meanwhile, other forms of gaming were very restricted or limited,” said Chopin.

Casinos closed for two months in 2020 and then reopened at limited capacity, making the lottery the only game in town for a bit.

Chopin said another bonus for the Lottery came in June when the legislature eased the budgetary transfer mandate allowing them to put more money into prizes.

“And that has had an amazing effect. Our sales are up 30-percent this year because I can tell you that when people win more, they play more,” said Chopin.

And sales also boomed for the Louisiana Lottery with the record jackpots of $1-billion and $731 million for Mega Millions and Powerball in January.

The Louisiana Lottery will celebrate its 30-year anniversary in September.