Public Gaming International September/October

49 PUBLIC GAMING INTERNATIONAL • SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2023 UNIQUE JACKPOT SIGNS THAT TAKE CONSUMER AWARENESS OF LOTTERY TO A WHOLE NEW LEVEL Gregg Edgar, Sr. Lottery Consultant, Pro-Lite For 42 years, Pro-Lite has transformed the way big ideas are communicated to a mass-market audience in sectors ranging from the Department of Defense (DOD) to retail giant Costco. The most eye-popping concept in the lottery space is the jackpot values. What commands more attention and interest than the possibility to completely change your life? To that purpose, and amidst this diverse portfolio of accomplishments, Pro-Lite's most notable triumph lies in its revolutionary approach to the lottery industry. By harnessing cutting-edge technologies that break away from convention, Pro-Lite is reshaping how lotteries engage audiences and bolster their brand. Pro-Lite has consistently been at the forefront of innovation. As the first to introduce electronic jackpot signs to the market in 1999, Pro-Lite pioneered an era of dynamic digital displays. This innovation replaced static nonilluminated displays with vibrant, illuminated signs that not only presented information but captivated passersby. Pro-Lite's lighted signs set a precedent for the lottery sign industry. Pioneering RF Communication Going beyond illumination, Pro-Lite revolutionized communication methods by introducing radio frequency (RF) communication to jackpot signs. This groundbreaking advancement enabled wireless data transfer, ensuring real-time updates and accurate information. Pro-Lite's RF communication set a new standard for connectivity, eliminating manual updates, and elevating the player experience and confidence through accurate informative jackpot updates. Inventing the "B" Billions Segment Pro-Lite's innovation extended to segmentation with the creation of the "B" Billions segment. This concept, led to the invention and awarding of a U.S. patent for a display segment dedicated to showcasing the billion-dollar threshold. This innovation not only provided an impactful visual representation of a billion-dollar jackpot but also simplified comprehension for players, adding an element of excitement as jackpots reached unprecedented heights. EnSure: Promoting Accurate Jackpots Central to Pro-Lite's mission is the EnSure technology package, designed to guarantee accurate jackpots, and elevate player trust. EnSure operates on three fronts: Segment Integrity Detection: EnSure is equipped with the ability to detect burnedout segments on a digit and report such anomalies back to the lottery terminal. This proactive approach ensures that the displayed jackpot remains accurate and up to datewithout showing an inaccurate number. Checksum Validation: EnSure incorporates checksum validation, a critical security feature that verifies the integrity of data being communicated between the terminal and the sign. This cryptographic safeguard guarantees the accuracy and authenticity of displayed information. Time Out Feature: EnSure includes a time-out feature that ensures jackpot accuracy. If no communications are received within a designated timeframe, the sign is intelligently turned off. This feature ensures that Pro-Lite jackpot signs display the correct values after a draw has occurred. Unleashing Creativity and Placements Pro-Lite's innovation journey spans design and placement, empowering lotteries to elevate visual brand and game awareness into new placements. These jackpot signs become more than informative tools; they transform into dynamic canvases for a lottery. Lotteries can infuse their identity, colors, logos, and games into the signage, elevating visual appeal and leaving a lasting and consistent brand impression on players. Moreover, Pro-Lite's solutions offer unprecedented placement flexibility. These versatile signs can be positioned strategically in high-traffic areas, point-of-sale locations, or even as interactive kiosks. This adaptability ensures maximum exposure and engagement, revolutionizing how messages are conveyed. A Growing Impact Pro-Lite's innovative impact spans industries. As their unique solutions gain traction, more entities recognize the value of incorporating cutting-edge technologies into all elements of the marketing strategy. The adaptability of Pro-Lite's offering and willingness to venture outside-the-box in manufacturing, empowers lotteries to try new ideas and boldly go into the realm of the unconventional. Closing In a realm where innovation fuels transformation, Pro-Lite stands as a beacon of progress. With a remarkable track record of working with our lottery partners to find solutions that generate sales, ProLite's inventive spirit is undeniable. With each technological stride, Pro-Lite lights the path forward, ensuring that lotteries captivate and inspire like never before. n