Public Gaming International September/October

44 PUBLIC GAMING INTERNATIONAL • SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2023 Convenience is Calling We all know that in the contemporary world, convenience is more than an aspiration – it’s a necessity. “Time is a currency – one that consumers are looking to maximize,” reports Foresight Factory, a leading global consumer trends agency. This determined quest for “speedy service” has taken us to everyday advantages we now take for granted: one-tap payments, 60-second news podcasts, and hyperexpedited delivery services. Of course, looming large and facilitating this convenience are ubiquitous mobile phones, used for a seemingly endless myriad of life’s activities – from swiping to select a date to watching a movie, paying a bill to purchasing a plane ticket, “liking” a social post to yes, making a phone call. With almost 100% of consumers confirming ownership in most countries around the world, mobile phones are everywhere. In fact, a recent Foresight Factory study found that 99% of occasional and/or weekly lottery players own a mobile phone. No wonder jurisdictions are now providing responsible access to lotteries in the palms of adult players’ hands via their mobiles – with no need for them to go to retail, or even log onto a computer. For instance, this ease of use has helped more than 163K Kentucky Lottery players and over 413K Georgia Lottery players download their state lottery apps in 2023. Offering mobile apps is a natural way for lotteries to strengthen their link to a younger generation of players. As a global leader in gaming, IGT is committed to helping lotteries deliver a convenient — and outstanding — mobile experience to players with engaging games, intuitive features, and helpful tools. IGT develops and manages IGT’s award-winning mobile app for lotteries, which are made available for both iOS and Android users and can be downloaded from the App Store or accessed via Google Play. C’mon Get App-y When choosing/implementing a mobile app, lotteries benefit from architectures that enable some key factors for success. Chief among them is that the app follows the latest industry standards. IGT utilizes the React Native framework, which ensures a lightweight, modular, flexible construction, enabling frequent updates and facilitating configuration changes and migrations. Another key is to establish a clear product vision for developers to work toward as they shape the user interface and experience. Common goals for lottery apps should include: • Providing user-centric design • Crafting a seamless and integrated experience • Reducing visual and messaging clutter — apps developed by IGT aim for minimalism; for ideal usability, one core The Mobile App: Gateway to theModern Lottery Experience When the question is, “Is there an app for that?” the response is yes — for future-forward lotteries that offer mobile apps to their customers, backed by the relevant Application Programming Interface (API) and services to help drive these experiences.