Public Gaming International September/October

42 PUBLIC GAMING INTERNATIONAL • SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2023 Paul Jason: What are the benefits of partnering with ZEAL? Julian Tietz: Due to our business model and our nearly 25-year company history in the online games and lottery market, we have developed an unerring sense of the needs and demands of the market. In our dual role as a B2C provider of online games to the consumer and B2B lottery partner, we appeal to different audiences in both the online gambling and the iLottery sector. We understand the needs of our B2B customers since we must meet those same standards ourselves for our own brands and platforms. With our thriving online games business, we are able to offer our partners the best of two worlds, namely traditional lottery and innovative, cutting-edge online games. For this reason, ZEAL not only has NEXT GENERATION TECHNOLOGY AND STRATEGIES FOR A NEW GENERATION OF ILOTTERY PLAYERS PGRI INTRODUCTION: Zeal introduced online lottery in the German market almost 25 years ago and continues to be the market leader for online lotteries in Germany. As a WLA Associate Member, ZEAL recently announced its results for the first half of 2023, with a 15 percent increase in transaction volume and a 20 percent increase in new customers. Our goal now is to bring ZEAL’s success strategies, products, and services to markets in the Americas as well as other markets in Europe. Zeal’s expertise is augmented by its diverse portfolio of products, services, and the markets it serves. The ZEAL Group's business model is unique in many respects, encompassing numerous other business models in addition to the traditional lottery sector. For example, ZEAL Group has a Ventures arm for the segmented promotion of and investment in up-and-coming companies with innovative products, services, and business models for the lottery sector. These collaborations and investments augment our own internal brain-trust and resources, providing valuable insights into the gaming and lottery sectors. Furthermore, the group successfully implements the online marketing of the Spanish lottery ONCE with its subsidiary ZEAL Iberia. This experience with direct online gaming operations informs our whole approach and appreciation for the challenges facing the lottery operator. With its subsidiary ZEAL Instant Games, the group successfully develops and markets virtual slot games from the areas of Instant Win, Scratch and Slots. These verticals are merging industry-wide as lottery players expect the games to be just as entertaining as those enjoyed by other online gamers, and ZEAL strives to position its traditional lottery clients with the tools to compete for the next generation of online gamers. Zeal games are not only sold to the company's own B2C customers, but are primarily offered to a broad B2B audience through international partnerships. Through these partnerships, ZEAL distributes its extensive portfolio worldwide, including in the Americas (OR as the case may be, in North America). Through their games offering, lottery and online gaming operators get the opportunity to tap into new player groups and markets by offering their customers a whole new range of games and play-styles. Julian Tietz leads the virtual slot games and online games business at ZEAL as Managing Director ZEAL Instant Games. Previously, he had already been working in various positions for ZEAL's portfolio of companies since 2017 and launched the expansion of the company's online games division. Julian Tietz Managing Director, ZEAL Instant Games PGRI INTERVIEWS