Public Gaming International September/October

Six U.S Lotteries Launch New 3-D Holographic-like Dimension Games from Scienti c Games Science-based Innovation The new technology produces holographic-like patterns on scratch games, including Cracked Ice and Stella (stars). Spheric Lens is the newest pattern that creates depth and movement at different angle refractions with spherical circles that simultaneously appear above and below the game graphics. Additional patterns are currently under development. In September 2022, Scientific Games conducted a national survey of scratch players to gauge interest in strategic enhancements like Dimension. The findings? On a seven-point scale, 79% of players rated Dimension games 5+ for purchase intent. Purchase intent requires an action (a purchase to be made) versus another survey question such as product appeal. Following the player research and product testing, the company’s designers, printing technologists, product managers and market analysts, worked to perfect Dimension game samples. U.S. lotteries attending the World Lottery Summit in October 2022 got a first glimpse at the new games. “Interest in Dimension games was immediate. By spring 2023, the first U.S. games were designed and scheduled for production,” shares Hodges. “In Europe, games featuring Dimension vary across price points, while our first U.S. games are primarily positioned at the $10 and higher price point.” Here’s a look at the very first Dimension games to go to market in the U.S., as other lotteries plan for upcoming families of games, holiday and special occasion games. Danielle Hodges “Dimension is part of our long-term game innovation expansion plan. We’ve invested in research and production technology so our customers can offer new, exciting instant game entertainment experiences to drive sustainable revenues for their good cause programs,” explains Danielle Hodges, Director of Global Instant Product Innovation and Development for Scientific Games. The company’s global innovation teams adopt trends from inside and outside the industry, exploring what’s next, using analytics and testing with player research groups to produce strategically enhanced games. Developed by innovation teams at Scientific Games’ UK instant game production facility, Dimension technology was inspired by the latest trends in printing for higher-end consumer packaged goods. A number of innovative European lotteries were the first to launch the 3D games with success – including one game that broke sales records – and the company expanded its investment to bring Dimension to the U.S. The next phase of Scientific Games’ global instant scratch game production expansion officially went live earlier this year at the company’s global headquarters in Atlanta. The new technology is producing Dimension games with a three-dimensional holographic-like effect. Six U.S. lotteries have upped the scratch experience, taking it to the next level for their players with the new product.