Public Gaming International Magazine May June 2023

34 PUBLIC GAMING INTERNATIONAL • MAY/JUNE 2023 Optimization. “The teams also address the needs of independent and socialspace retailers.” Hodor and team focused not only on making retailers aware of the new tool, but communicating the benefits and encouraging retailers to engage with it. “We incentivized and made it a priority for our sales reps first to just get retailers logged in,” said Hodor. “This required some of the typical inputs – email, password, verify. For some of our retailers, that was a heavy lift, but once they saw how useful and easy-to-access it was, adoption took o . We heard, ‘Hey this is a cool! There’s a lot of good information here.’” At the launch, the team began including articles about the portal in the Lottery’s “Retailer Focus,” a printed monthly newsletter that brings retailers up to speedon the lottery category and is also available digitally through Retailer Wizard. The articles built awareness and promoted registrations, helping to kick interest up to the next level. New Jersey Lottery sales reps registered more than 2,000 retailers on Retailer Wizard by the end of November 2022. The team implemented a quarterly incentivefrom July through September 2022, in which reps selected retailers and ensured that they logged in to Retailer Wizard at least once per week. This incentive dramatically increased usage. (See figure “2022-2023 Registrations”) In the second quarter of FY 2023, reps were given a goal to increase both the number of registered retailers and increase usage with current users. Retailers were encouraged to sign up and log in often to earn entries into a drawing for prizes. Even as awareness of the tool grows, the sales team continues to investigate sales and retailer incentives to increase the number of registered retailers and promote usage of Retailer Wizard’s many features. Starting with the launch in 2021, articles sharing the benefits of Retailer Wizard were included in the Lottery’s monthly Retailer Focus newsletter to build awareness and promote retailer registrations. New Jersey Lottery sales reps registered more than 2,200 retailers on Retailer Wizard by the end of March 2023, and the engagement eort is ongoing.