Public Gaming International Magazine May June 2023

26 PUBLIC GAMING INTERNATIONAL • MAY/JUNE 2023 The notion that “lottery isn’t appealing to young adults or those who are tech-savvy” may be a familiar one within our industry — yet it turns out to be a misconception. An analysis of recent data from IGT’s longtime research partner Foresight Factory indicates that lottery players embrace technology more than they’re typically given credit for. In fact, weekly lottery players outpace the general public in agreeing with statements such as “using voice commands on my smartphone,” “buying directly from a social media site,” and “interested in a 3D digital world where I could experience virtual activities.” The good news is that lotteries can access the technology, tools, and data to develop tailored marketing plans for both retail and digital that keep their product oerings top-of-mind for consumers like these. And it’s a strategy that other fastmoving consumer goods brands are adopting. “The finding about lottery players’ willingness to engage with technology aligns with IGT’s investment in solutions for both retail and digital that support the experience players expect,” said Michelle Carney, IGT Vice President Global Lottery Marketing. “IGT’s practice of studying consumer trends and related aspects of the lottery-player experience has informed our product roadmaps for years and helped us anticipate where consumers are going. That investment has led directly to the options that customers can take advantage of today, such as IGT’s Connected Play and OMNIA™ solutions. “We also understand from insights identified by Foresight Factory that consumers —and specifically, lottery players — have a heightened concern for their personal impact on the environment,” Carney added. “They want to a‰liate with brands that can prove their product claims around sustainability, and these stats rise with younger age groups. This is another reason we invest in solutions that continue to digitalize the player and retailer experience.” Following are some of the consumer trends Carney discussed at PGRI’s SMARTTech conference in Miami. IGT will expand on these insights at the EL Congress in Croatia and showcase solutions that lotteries can implement now to meet players where they are. Data As Currency Consumers have come to view their data as a form of currency, which they’re willing to exchange for other things they consider valuable, such as added convenience, free content, and more. Digitalizing the retail player journey is one major way that lotteries can participate in this value exchange. Recent consumer trends point to strategies that lotteries can adopt now to fuel ongoing player engagement.