Public Gaming International Magazine May June 2023

20 PUBLIC GAMING INTERNATIONAL • MAY/JUNE 2023 PGRI INTERVIEWS Paul Jason: Will Allwyn’s growth continue to be driven by lotteries? Will this change over time? Robert Chvátal: We are a lottery-led entertainment platform. e overwhelming majority of our revenues today come from running lotteries, and within that, drawbased games. We di erentiate ourselves by putting player protection at the heart of everything we do. We’re constantly working to improve our customer experience, including ways to support more vulnerable groups. And we have a compelling vision for the lottery of the future – one that is continually providing players with new and exciting ways to play, while focusing on innovation, e ciency, and safety. How will retail businesses survive alongside growth in digital-first lottery offers? And how do you build a seamless connection between the two platforms (based on Allwyn’s experience of modernising traditional, established lotteries in Czech Republic and Greece)? R. Chvátal: It’s true that online and digital channels are increasingly prominently, but there is still a major role for physical sales. We see the online and o ine as complementary channels, as both provide the consumer with options that work together to augment and enhance the player experience. Optimal player value is achieved by those players who play on multiple channels and enjoy the full variety of play-styles. Retail does not have to be a victim of digital growth. It’s still valued by consumers and so will continue to be an important part of our business, and our vision for the future of lotteries. We’re committed to helping our retail partners digitise their own businesses and grow. Physical retail also has a strong role to play in promoting the brand / lotteries, and a positive o ine experience will encourage players to go online (and vice-versa) – so they are very much complementary in our view. Land-based retailers have long been loyal and valued partners and we are dedicated to supporting their ongoing success. What is Allwyn’s approach to player protection? What progress have you made in this area, given it’s importance in most jurisdictions? R. Chvátal: Better protection for players is at the heart of everything we do, and we’re constantly working to improve our customer experience, including ways to support the more vulnerable groups. Allwyn has a proven record of building technology that encourages responsible behaviour and making our games safer for ON GROWING A TRUSTED, GLOBAL BRAND AND BUSINESS Robert Chvátal Chief Executive Of cer, Allwyn Entertainment Interim Chief Executive Of cer, Allwyn UK PGRI Introduction: Robert Chvátal’s appointment in 2013 to lead SAZKA a.s., operator of the lottery in the Czech Republic, set the stage for what would evolve into the global gaming enterprise that is Allwyn Entertainment today. Over the last decade, Allwyn’s lottery- rst approach of focusing on affordable, secure, responsible, and recreational play has earned it leading market positions with trusted brands across Europe in Austria, Czech Republic, Greece and Cyprus, and Italy. With the recent acquisitions in the United Kingdom and United States, Allwyn now has 120,000 points of sale and digital platforms, serving a market of over 130 million players with total amounts staked in the € double-digit billions. And going forward, Allwyn’s contract to operate the UK National Lottery Fourth Licence is scheduled to begin February 1, 2024. Its acquisition of Camelot Lottery Solutions puts Allwyn in charge of operating the Illinois Lottery. The global games-of-chance market-place is certainly changing, and Allwyn is poised to contribute to the healthy, sustainable growth of an industry that serves society and good causes. Continued on page 42