Public Gaming International Magazine May/June 2022

38 PUBLIC GAMING INTERNATIONAL • MAY/JUNE 2022 What Players Love The annual Multiplier X family of games continues to be a player favorite. NCEL supports this family of games with a TV ad campaign and a second chance contest each year. Right now, the Lottery’s hottest Scratch-Off is its latest $30 game, 200X The Cash, which launched the first week of March – the last member of its 2022 Multiplier X family of games. The game is NCEL’s sixth $30 product since the price point was introduced in 2015. NCEL has also experienced a great deal of success with a recent series of $500 prize-loaded games at the $5 price point. “When we changed the prize structure from a $5 game with a six-figure top prize that was heavy on $500 prizes, to a game with exclusively $500 top prizes, sales surged,” says Spielman. “This approach is now a core part of our portfolio optimization model.” NCEL’s first $25 game, Extreme Cash, launched in March of 2020 was a success. It was also its first no break-even game, a new feature in prize structures. The game featured a minimum $40 prize and a top prize of $1 million. “We wanted a strong, spotlight game but didn’t want to launch a third $30 product. Extreme Cash and its unique value proposition filled that need and it was a huge hit with our players,” explains Spielman. “We’re so pleased with the results, that we are consideringextending this valueproposition to other price points in the portfolio.” When it comes to licensed brands, NCEL relies heavily on market research, including focus groups and its online player panel, to strategically incorporate favorites into its portfolio. Recent selections include LOTERIA, THE PRICE IS RIGHT and MAGIC 8 BALL. NCEL is also interested in reaching new players through social media. The Lottery participated in 7-11-21 LIVE! which featured a Scratch-Off game sold at retail, and a Facebook Live social media event. The digital event reached 26,000 players, achieved 48,000 engagements, and attracted 4,800 viewers – the most viewers of any LIVE! event to date.