Public Gaming International Magazine May/June 2022

33 PUBLIC GAMING INTERNATIONAL • MAY/JUNE 2022 • Check winning numbers • Find a closest retailer • Preview draw and instant ticket information • Receive jackpot information alerts • Push marketing notifications • Save playslips to Favorites • Continuous or configurable subscriptions for all draw games • Ability to edit subscriptions • Payments upfront or on a weekly basis • Player win alerts • Draw and instant ticket Second Chance promotions • Chance to win via ticket or points-based drawings • Bonus options like multipliers • Earn points for online and retail wagers • Spend points for entry into Second Chance drawings • eWallet allows for funding and payment at retail • Auto-pay prizes back to eWallet • Offers based on previous transactions • Offers based on similar player transactions • Promote protective tools for informed play Convenience App Subscriptions Second Chance Loyalty eWallet Personalized Player Offers Responsible Gaming Tools globally accepted best practices being used by lotteries that offer products over the internet.” In tandem, lotteries can prepare for digital wagering by putting in place the digital building blocks that pave the way toward its introduction. A strategy that increasingly introduces thoughtful digital features designed to complement and enhance the retail-player experience will establish new player behaviors and gradually shift the playing experience from the physical to the digital. In the process, it can meet the demands of ever-more digitally savvy players while proving the value of the digital shift in terms of player uptake and revenue contribution to good causes. Then, when regulation allows, this technological progression makes selling tickets over the internet a relatively small step, as players have already become accustomed to connecting with lottery play digitally and are enjoying the greater convenience of the digitally enhanced retail-lottery journey. CHOOSING AMONGOPTIONS Let’s examine the options for lotteries embarking on the path to digital. Many of these features have universal appeal, but gathering local player insights will be invaluable to understand players’ preferences and inform the appropriate approach. While each of these digital components has singular benefit, implementing them as an integrated digital journey creates a robust, omnichannel experience. A digital strategy is a sound foundation for a lottery’s future success, but to make it a reality many complex decisions are required. Watch for the next article in this series, which will examine the products and technology available for lotteries to procure when embarking upon the digital journey. n DIGITAL BUILDING BLOCKS