Public Gaming International Magazine May/June 2022

17 PUBLIC GAMING INTERNATIONAL • MAY/JUNE 2022 of a combination of very experienced MDJS team members and various top experts who will collaborate to provide an objective marking. We learned a lot from previous RFPS and also from the COVID pandemic. The new RFP is fundamentally different from the previous RFPs. It includes: 1. WLA standards based on the knowledge of, and in fact drafted by, international experts in this field 2. More open to innovation. That requires a contractual platform that allows suppliers to implement new solutions during the contract. The RFP promotes a dynamic and business-driven approach that is highly responsible according to the WLA and EL RG and CSR standards 3. Experience and a successful trackrecord are highly valued. But this RFP also opens the door for young, innovative companies to be a part of the process and contribute to the success of MDJS The process enables us to listen to potential partners regarding issues that have emerged too recently to provide “best-practices” templates. For instance, the pandemic has accelerated trends and ushered in completely new factors and market-place dynamics. What are the new solutions that enable gaming operators to effectively adapt and succeed to this new world order? It is our hope that our approach to this RFP will constitute a new model that will be helpful to other members of the ALA and WLA members. So I understand that you are looking to remove the barriers to entry to select the best operator(s). How does this translate into your tender? Several criteria have been relaxed to have maximum competition and remove barriers to entry, among them: Financial capacity criteria and length of history of activity of bidders revised downwards and Join-venture: For instance, while we still want experienced operators, the number of years of experience required has been reduced from ten down to five, and experience in three jurisdictions instead of more. Additionally, we encourage operators to enter into jointventure constructions to allow the entry of new, younger suppliers bringing innovative solutions. This joint-venture (JV) approach is something we really advocate for. We accept that partners within the JV pool their references and experiences to meet the selection criteria set in the RfP. MDJS strongly believes in joint collaborations to bid for the project. It is our intention to consider such joint ventures to operate and promote MDJS games in Morocco market. We hope that this progressive approach will create confidence and trust from the players and recognition from the international market. At the same time such partnerships will take advantage of joint experience and know-how of Operators in different product areas and different markets for the benefit of Moroccan players and good causes. We hope that this approach may even serve as an example for others to learn from, and for us in turn to learn from others going forward. Automated Campaign Management Omni-Channel Lottery Tools Real Time Data & Extensive APIs Lottery • Casino Sports • Bingo Poker Personalized Experience for Retail Web & Mobile Digital Partner for Lotteries Management 360o Player Account Continued on page 22