Public Gaming International Magazine May/June 2022

15 PUBLIC GAMING INTERNATIONAL • MAY/JUNE 2022 and wired communications infrastructure enables it to completely leapfrog an entire generation legacy technology. Africa is moving directly into satellite-based cellular technology to connect B2B, B2C, and C2C. This represents an incredible opportunity for the African market-places to expedite modernization, given the vision and technology partners to make it happen. The process of modernizing does pose formidable challenges in Africa as it does everywhere. For one, the cooperation of commercial technology leaders is needed to unlock Africa’s resources and consumer markets. For another, that cooperation needs to be based on a prudent combination of best-practices as established in more mature markets along with a keen recognition for the differences that apply to African market development. Africa’s economic, social, technological, and cultural evolutionary pathway has been and will continue to be quite unique, certainly different from Western Europe and North America and other developed economies where many of the current “best-practices” have been established. And even within the continent, there are countless differences to the way local markets are evolving. We do want to learn from others who are further along in the journey towards modernization. But we also want the thought process to be informed by the character and conditions of local markets and local political/ social/cultural infrastructures as well. In sum, we need to work together to build a better and more sustainable common vision. As a young organization with a mission that is by a sound statutory structure, ALA can serve us all well as the platform to drive progress through congresses, seminars, webinars, and meetings. My goal, as General Secretary of ALA, is to nurture a deeper cooperation among the leadership of the global industry to work together to accelerate the development of the African gaming and lottery markets. How is ALA currently supporting the development of the African gaming markets? Younes El Mechrafi: The basis for all progress is working together to achieve mutually desired goals. We need to cooperate and collaborate to clarify those goals and forge the alignment of purpose and process to achieve those goals. And we need everyone, all stakeholders and all of us working in this industry, to be informed and to understand the issues and acquire “This represents an incredible opportunity for the African marketplaces to expedite modernization, given the vision and technology partners to make it happen.” Digital Partner for Lotteries Shortlisted! EGR B2B Lottery Supplier of the Year