Public Gaming International July/August 2023

36 PUBLIC GAMING INTERNATIONAL • JULY/AUGUST 2023 For decades, the databases used by retailers’ product category managers have included every type of consumer packaged good except for lottery. It’s an omission that has long needed to be addressed, especially as more retailers are coming to recognize that the lottery category can be a significant contributor to their business goals. To give lotteries and lottery retailers the cross-jurisdictional data they need to inform decision making, IGT developed the Retail Market Insights® (RMI) tool, a retail-product sales database with a set of monthly data reports and a dedicated staff of analysts and other specialists who support users with a range of tactical and strategic applications. Among its benefits, RMI gives retailers and lotteries immediate insights into how a lottery program is performing overall and how an individual state lottery’s retailers are performing in comparison to retailer sites in other jurisdictions. RMI’s monthly publications and consolidated chain reports allow a retailer with a multistate footprint to compare their lottery sales “apples to apples” in all jurisdictions where they do business and where there’s an RMI-partner lottery, informing strategic business decisions and improvements in sales execution. Lotteries and retailers are using RMI data to set benchmarks and identify successful practices that can be applied more widely — for example, with self-service deployment There’s only one tool that provides a unified view of retailer-level, lottery-category performance across U.S. jurisdictions, and it’s available at no cost to all U.S. lotteries that choose to participate. A roundtable discussion shines light on how lotteries and retailers are using RMI —Retail Market Insights® — to address business challenges and fuel responsible growth strategies. Invested in delivering RMI data, analytics, and services to support lottery and retailer growth plans: IGT executives (L to R) Paul Riley, Vice President Retail Innovation and Partnerships; Nat Worley, Vice President North American Sales Development; Steve Desautels, Director Sales & Marketing Execution; Gina Easley, Senior Manager National Retail Accounts; TimKriger, Senior Manager, North American Sales Development.