Public Gaming International July/August 2023

33 PUBLIC GAMING INTERNATIONAL • JULY/AUGUST 2023 Every year, the holiday season is always the best time of year for the sale of instant games. That’s because scratch-off games are perfect for use as holiday gifts and stocking stuffers. Lotteries have realized that It can be challenging to come up with fresh, creative ideas for their instant games each year that will capture the attention of their players during this important time frame. This is especially true with the substantial number of games that are being created for sale during this key lottery season. During the 2022 holidays, more than 240 different holiday-themed instant games were sold by North American lotteries alone. Last year, some individual lotteries even offered as many as thirteen different holiday-themed instant games. So, here’s the good news if your lottery is currently being challenged with how to make your holiday games stand out to capture the attention of players as they are making their holiday game purchases. For the first time, the Hazen Paper Company, the leading supplier of holographic board to the lottery industry, has come up with a creative solution to this opportunity by introducing six new holiday holographic patterns that can be used as backgrounds for your holiday themed games. They range from sparkling holographic Christmas Tree Lights to Snowmen and Snowflakes, Holiday Presents, Peppermints, and Candy Canes and Stockings that have been designed to be eye-catching so that they will be sure to boost your holiday ticket sales. Holographic games have consistently proven to increase the sales of instant games by 15% to 30% when compared with plain board games. This is because of the additional attention that they attract due to their continually changing colors, their visual feeling of movement, and their three dimensionality. In a quantitative study that was conducted by Scientific Games in cooperation with the Tennessee lottery, it was found that when holography was isolated as the only key variable in an instant game, sales of the holographic version of this game exceeded the sales of the comparable plain board version of the same game by 79%: Since the incremental profitability generated from the sales increases created by holographic games normally exceeds the incremental cost of the holographic material, these enhancements have proven to be extremely profitable for lotteries. It has also been shown that the positive impact on a lottery’s profitability grows along with the use of higher price points. That’s why the Hazen Paper Company introduced an application that demonstrates how the use of their holographic material can have a positive impact on a lottery’s bottom line. The Hazen Profitability Calculator can be accessed at It is also available in a Euro version at www. This tool allows lotteries to see exactly how much they can grow their bottom lines by just by entering their ticket’s size, price, payout percentage, and their quantity of tickets for the creation of a custom profitability chart that will demonstrate their incremental profit potential. Holidaythemed "families of games" can also benefit from using these new holographic backgrounds because they will visually pull holiday games together across a range of price points using a consistent holographic background. New ideas for creating eye-catching holiday games in 2023 are now ready for use with your holiday game development with Hazen’s new holiday holographic patterns. Samples of Hazen’s new series of holographic games are now available from the Hazen Paper Company as well as from all of your lottery ticket printers. They can be used with your instant games as well as with your holiday point of sale materials. Hazen Paper also plans to continue introducing new holographic holiday patterns each year that will help lotteries continue to create fresh, eye-catching holiday instant games in the years to come. n Hazen Paper Introduces a New “Holiday Themed” Series of Holographic Patterns for 2023