Public Gaming International July/August 2023

12 PUBLIC GAMING INTERNATIONAL • JULY/AUGUST 2023 experience across channels and allowing customers to buy lottery tickets when and how they like. What were some of the challenges to execution? A. Shepherd: We always like a challenge! This was a significant change and one we wanted to execute in a relatively short period of time. It was something we needed to do while we were completing The Lottery Corporation’s demerger from Tabcorp, along with the separation of the two businesses from a logistical and technological standpoint. It was important to us that we used our internal capacity to design and build the system. That meant more than 100 people were involved from 25 different teams across the business including Digital, Channel, Marketing Operations, Technology, Customer Experience, and key corporate functions. The project required more than 27,000 hours in tech development and was 18 months in the making. It’s really satisfying to see it up and running and delivering for our lottery retailers and our customers. What has the reaction been from customers? A. Shepherd: Customers have embraced Store Syndicates Online as a convenient way to buy shares in store syndicates from their device while retaining that local connection. Players have told us that they’ve enjoyed the diversity of store syndicate offerings online and the fact they don’t have to keep a paper copy of the ticket. We’ve given our customers the power of choice in terms of how and when they buy in a way that allows our lottery retailers to share in the benefits. What has the reaction been from lottery retailers? A. Moore: They’ve been really pleased. It’s a way to get their offering in front of a greater pool of customers as well as serving their existing customers in a different way. Say, for example, they have a regular customer that normally comes in to buy a store syndicate entry, but they go on holidays or they are busy at work, then they can still buy a ticket with their local lottery retailer via the app or website. And, of course, retailers receive the same commission rates on these online store syndicate sales as they do for in-store sales. Additional sales without additional labour for the retailer is a huge benefit, as well as helping retailers to sell out their shares in syndicates. What are some other ways The Lottery Corporation is ensuring retailers are aligned with digital sales growth? A. Moore: We have had a program in place since 2018 to reward retailers for digital growth. Retailers can share in commission from digital sales in two ways: from digital sales to customers of that retail outlet and via a signup bonus when they sign up a customer to the Lott app. Many retailers have experienced difficult times since the pandemic with customers’ purchasing habits changing and difficulties with inflation and staff availability. We recently increased commission rates by up to 200 bps or two percentage points for qualifying outlets. The enhancement of the commission rates and the launch of Store Syndicates Online are two ways in which we are helping to ensure the financial sustainability of our retail network. What was the most satisfying thing about the project for you both? A. Moore: The implementation of Store Syndicates Online was a huge step change in our omni channel journey and seeing such a large proportion of our network engage via the platform so quickly was truly amazing. A. Shepherd: Seeing our cross functional teams work as one to deliver something our retailers and customers love. n About The Lottery Corporation: The Lottery Corporation is the driving force behind Australia’s largest lottery games. The Lottery Corporation was created following the Tabcorp demerger in 2022 and is now home to The Lott and Keno – brands and games that have been adding excitement to Australians’ lives for decades. Operating in every Australian state and territory except Western Australia, we bring these brands to life, offering exciting games that not only deliver life-changing wins to our customers, but make a meaningful difference in the community.