Public Gaming Magazine July/August 2020

42 PUBLIC GAMING INTERNATIONAL • JULY/AUGUST 2020 A new era The design and development of suc- cessful lottery and betting solutions able to deliver impeccable services in today’s diverse retail environment is of critical importance to Lotteries. As the retail landscape continues to evolve around omnichannel customer requirements and online offerings, the traditional brick and mortar lot- tery retailers expect, more than ever, to be provided with superior Retailer Solutions, enabling them to maximize sales and deliver outstanding ser- vices with speed, efficiency and high convenience. Moreover, they expect these Retailer Solutions to incorpo- rate the latest technology trends both in hardware and software, so they can improve efficiency, streamline their business functions, lower operating costs and overhead and boost rev- enue generation from every venue. INTRALOT’s family of Retailer Lottery Solutions is advancing the industry by leveraging cutting edge technol- ogy, based on value engineering methodologies, cost efficiencies and, most importantly, advanced features that promote a benefit-centric ap- proach across Lotteries, retailers and stakeholders. INTRALOT’s Retailer Solutions offer engaging experiences and meet all kinds of Lottery busi- ness requirements regardless of retail venue type or size. Value Engineering and Cost Efficiencies INTRALOT’s Retailer Solutions substantially improve on traditional scanning functionality by using a patented camera technology that works simpler, reads faster and excels day-to-day operations. From the flag- ship Photon and PhotonX terminal solution series to the all-in-one Proton series featuring the smallest footprint in the market, this built-in camera technology offers unparalleled reli- ability that no traditional scanner can ever match. Requiring no camera cleaning, jam- ming or everyday wear and tear main- tenance, INTRALOT’s Retailer Solu- tions significantly lower stakeholders’ operating costs during their lifespan, regardless of operation loads and environmental conditions. Statistics and field data have shown reductions of up to 57% in helpdesk calls, 60% in field visits and 69% in field replace- ments. On top of that, the built-in camera technology reads selection slips of any shape and color, which can transform them into valuable marketing flyers, offering unlimited opportunities to Lottery marketing departments. Without compromising efficiency and productivity, INTRALOT’s environmen- tally friendly Retailer Solutions feature powerful platforms with low power consumption, based on a masterfully designed modular built that ensures flexibility through- out the entire lifespan of a retail installation. This modular design offers advanced capabilities and bet- ter access options in terms of installation, service and main- tenance, as well as everyday use. In INTRALOT’s latest Retailer Solutions, modules can be Using technology to reinvent Retailer Solutions