Published: June 1, 2022

The French government bans English gaming terms, including ‘eSports’ Why say 'streamer' when you can say 'un joueur animateur en direct'?

Not satisfied with trying to replace “WiFi” with “l’access sans fil à internet” (which didn’t work), l'Académie française set its sights on gaming terms in 2017. It’s now gained traction with the government, and France’s Ministry of Culture has announced it’ll ban terms including "streamer" and "esports," according to AFP. Going forward, government communications must use terms like“joueur-animateur en direct” (for “streamer”) and “jeu video en nuage” (for “cloud gaming”).

The Ministry of Culture told the AFP it's concerned that English terms could become a "barrier to understanding" for non-gamers. Which is fair. But at least make the terms a little pithier.

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