Published: May 24, 2022

New York Lottery lets the dogs out with a recorded a song that will have you and your dog howling.

After launching the $1,000,000 Luck Dog Scratch-Off Game Series, Road Dogs, the New York Lottery is back with another treat for dogs and their humans. A new music track just dropped called, Wanna Go for a Walk?

Created by McCann New York, the song features a totally unique instrumentation. It might sound like a hip-hop beat to human ears, but it’s composed using all the sounds that dogs love most. Listen close and you’ll hear squeaky toys, leash jingles, duck quacks, doorbells, clickers and more. Many pet owners already play music for their furry friends, but this song was written so that they’d have something to enjoy together.

The song is available on Spotify, and has an accompanying music video. Directed by Juan Zuleta, the video stars a band of musical pups playing instruments and mixing their doggy track in the studio.

To get tails wagging across social media, the New York Lottery is partnering with Instagram famous, @MarleyInNYC and @BubalahPoochie to promote a reaction video challenge. Using a combination of Instagram Reels, Stories, and In-Feed posts, New Yorkers will be challenged to film their dogs listening to the new track.

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