Published: May 25, 2022

Camelot Illinois Brings Fast Play to Life at the Illinois Lottery

 Digital Play Experience is Broadening the Lottery’s Player base 

 CHICAGO, May 25, 2022 - With a program of innovation, Camelot Illinois has  brought the Illinois Lottery’s Fast Play games to life - first through iLottery and now  with a new feature called “Scan-N-Play.”
 With a focus on innovative design, engaging content and a responsible play  environment, Camelot has transformed the Lottery’s Fast Play offering to give  players a new experience and a completely different way to play.

 “We’ve transformed a black and white physical ticket into an engaging online play  experience” said Tina Wolf, VP Product and Partnership, Camelot Illinois. “The  Illinois Lottery’s Fast Play offering is modern, engaging, convenient and is  attracting new players and driving responsible growth.”

 Scan-N-Play is the latest evolution in the Illinois Lottery’s Fast Play offering. In  order to play via Scan-N-Play, players buy a physical Fast Play ticket in retail and  then scan it via the Illinois Lottery app, where the game will come to life onscreen  revealing the prize outcome.
 “The development of the Lottery’s Fast Play portfolio is centered around a pretty  simple concept - exciting existing players and attracting new players,” said Wolf.  “Following the launch of the Illinois Lottery’s Fast Play games into the online  environment, over the past five months new players have grown by 40% and  weekly per capita sales have grown by over 500%.”
 While more than 20 U.S. lotteries offer a Fast Play game (other names include Print  & Play, EZPlay, and Fast Cash), the Illinois Lottery is the first to bring those games  to life for players with a digital reveal - for both iLottery and retail players.
 Scan-N-Play provides lottery retailers with an additional sales opportunity, featuring  a new way to play and a new customer experience. Retailers earn commission on  every ticket sold in-store, and bonus commission for selling a winning ticket.
 The Illinois Lottery has a robust responsible gaming program supporting the launch  of new ways to play. Responsible gaming safeguards via the Lottery’s online  platform include weekly deposit limits and ID verification for all players. Prior to  launching Fast Play, additional safeguards were built into the game design and  purchase behavior, including length of play, and daily play limits.
 Fast Play was first introduced in retail in September 2020, through the Illinois  Lottery website and app in November 2021, and via Scan-N-Play in May 2022. In  total, there are now 10 Fast Play games available to play in retail and online at a  range of price points.
 For more information on Fast Play Scan-N-Play see this video.
 About the Illinois Lottery:
 Founded in 1974, the Illinois Lottery has contributed over $23 billion (since 1985)
 to the state’s Common School Fund to assist K-12 public schools, as well as
 hundreds of millions of dollars to the Capital Projects Fund and to special causes.
 About Camelot Illinois:
 Camelot Illinois is the private manager of the Illinois Lottery. In partnership with
 the State, Camelot operates a modern lottery with transparency, integrity, and
 responsibility to generate essential funding for education across the state. To
 learn more, visit

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